CEB engineers warn power from India plan could backfire

  • 8 Mar 2007 13:23:11 GMT

    Sinhalese are known dumbers.

    they import fish and fish products when the country is sarrownded by sea.

    to make sure the import they restrict fishing ban.

    They import onion,potatoes and vegitables,rice

    to make sure the imports government increase farming land as the high security zones everyday.

    country have enough waterfalls and water where it can build dam and generate electricity it wants to import.

    country can gain much from solar power ,there is no exploration on that,

    there are many examples.

    if tamils is given to govern the country they can show the power.

    and brain.

    even in mannar Tamils have expertise and knowledge about petrolium.

    noneed foreign intervention on petrol exploration.

    but dumb sinhalese are going to stay that way.

    what is in their head is they shouldnt give anything to tamils even if they had to sell the country to another country.

    such idi*ts.

  • 9 Mar 2007 02:35:27 GMT

    Ajan ,

    you are absolutely right.

    The dumb Sinhalese down south do not know how much of the country has already been sold or given away to so many foreign countries and the money is in the bank accounts of presidents,ministers and their family members.

    Soon when the new owners will be coming to claim their assets and we will know how much is left.

    The Tamils know this and that is why they want their own home land before it is sold.

    In the end it is the poor dumb sinhala people who are going to suffer. But it dose not matter to us Tamils. We just want what is ours. The Sinhala people can do what they want with their portion. Just leave us Tamils out of such deals and let us rule ourselves.