HR abuses: UN may intervene

  • 7 Mar 2007 02:08:13 GMT

    [Mr. Ross, who has been following the human rights situation in Sri Lanka since 1994 told the Daily Mirror by email.]

    While we should all be perturbed by the present HR situation, it should be noted that Mr. Ross only seems to have got worried about the HR situation in Sri Lanka after CBK came into office in 1994. Where were all these people during the worst period for HR in post-independence Sri Lanka, the White Terror of 1988-90? When Richard de Zoysa was abducted and the government exerted all its power to prevent an investigation?

    Nobody should forget that it was under CBK that it became somewhat safe for the ordinary people of Sri Lanka; that journalists were no longer too frightened to criticise the Government.

  • 7 Mar 2007 04:33:29 GMT

    HR abuses: UN may intervene

    Better ask permission to JVP & JHU fellows...

    Because,they are allergic for this kind of Institutions..

    Otherwise,they will start,shouting around Colombo, like mad dogs,with the help of brown monkeys..

  • 7 Mar 2007 04:58:48 GMT

    Better late than never. HR situation in SL is rapidly deteriorating by the hour. PTA is being abused MR and co to liquidate their critics and potential threats to their power. Only the other day, Anura stated in the parliament that he was to be lifted and liquidated by hanging on a lamp post. Mangala and Sripathy have received similiar threats. Journalists are killed daily and a good number have been abducted by gangs with links to MR and co. If the UN and IC fail to monitor the situation and do something about it by taking effective action, then the SL will slide to the level of Ruwanda in no time.

    War, abductions, killings and disappearences are all organised and carried out by MR and co to create an unsecure situation and make money behind such a smoke screen. Once they have made enough money everything will be back to normal. In the meantime tens of thousands of Slankans will die. Others will suffer.


  • 7 Mar 2007 05:01:30 GMT

    [UN ACT NOW]

    Ha machan...




  • 7 Mar 2007 12:08:41 GMT

    [Article: HR abuses: UN may intervene]

    long over due, innocent civilians are killed in the island top to toe , left ,right and center.

    please save the people!