Karaoke workers harassed: Attorney

  • 5 Mar 2007 12:55:15 GMT


    You got the people`s attention.... now go back to sleep...

  • 5 Mar 2007 15:04:43 GMT

    Emergency regulations should be used only for valid reasons. Police should be trained not to use such laws that make them laughing stock in the international community for frivolous law suits to harass who they thing are immoral.

    This is not the first time this is reported. In ?A Study of Sex Workers in Sri Lanka? (ISBN 978-0-9793624-0-8) by Dr. Hemamal Jayawardena there is a reference to this practice being discussed in the Supreme Court even.

    ?The Supreme Court judgment of Maximus Danny v. IP Sirinimal Silva and six others (2001) is an important case related to intimacyual intimacy and law. The case involves an arrest by police of the petitioner who was spending a night with a lonely widow in a guesthouse in Dankotuwa. He was produced before the Marawila Magistrate the following day, on charges under the Brothels Ordinance, refused bail and remanded for seven days. The police claim was that they took the petitioner and others to custody following information that LTTE suspects were residing in the said guesthouse and they had to arrest them, as they were unable to establish their identity. The judgment is critical of the Magistrate who made an order of remand without much inquiry simply because the police wanted such an order. The judgment goes further to state that ?In terms of the Brothels Ordinance, having intimacyual intercourse is not an offence?, which can be considered as the relevant current legal position.?

  • 6 Mar 2007 00:42:26 GMT

    When are these idiots going to learn?

    Harassing innocent workers is not the answer. If the state issued a license for a purpose and its misused then pull the license and charge the owner.

    If they know that LTTE is frequenting the place do you want to close the place or put some intelligence on their tail?

    Oh I forgot I am talking about a banana republic state where you have thugs as politicians, judges who get blow jobs from lawyers. Lawyers who find it difficult to argue a point even with laymen.

  • 8 Mar 2007 05:36:49 GMT

    To settle this issue is very easy. What the Sri Lankan government should do to outcome this problem is, they should introduce few more ministries for this. Ministry of Sex workers of Sri Lanka, Ministry of Karaoke, Ministry for casinos, ministry for Buruwa, Ministry of prostitutes, Ministry of Aids, Ministry of pregnancy, Ministry of Women Harassment and arrest of innocent women, Ministry against dirty games and idiot acts by Police, Ministry against having intimacy with opposite intimacy with consent, Ministry against Rape, Ministry of VD and Ministry of Massage. The most eligible ministers for these ministries would be the politicians who change the party to get their own benefits rather than social work. Sri Lanka should be renamed as Republic of Ministers and Deputy Ministers.

    Then we can have another bunch of good ideot Ministers, deputy ministers, security personals, bungalows, unlimited fuel, duty free vehicles, luxury officers, and so on all paid by the tax payers. These ministers also should visit with his staff and entourage to a place like Bangkok, china and Philippines to sign MOUs with intimacy workers every month or so. I still remember once Dr. Hemal Jayawardena from (WHO)told me that an elderly man got arrested in Sri Lanka for carrying a condom in his wallet. Very soon you might get arrested for wearing a condom when you have intimacy with your wife. I am not suggesting that we should have a ministry for condoms but it is time to respect Human rights, world donors and tax payers in Sri Lanka without the police and the good idiots running the country of ministries trying to be mad stupid cowboys. Only thing I can say is ?I DON?T KNOW WHY? AND ?EHEMA WENNE EI? Gypsis might do a better job if they have to run the Nation of ministries

    Acording to UNDP reports Sri Lanka?s GDI value, 0.749 should be compared to its HDI valueof 0.755. Its GDI value is 99.2% of its HDI value.Out of the 136 countries with both HDI and GDI values, 77 countries have a better ratio than Sri Lanka.


  • 8 Mar 2007 07:49:00 GMT

    Questions from DALADAV??

    1. When are these idiots going to learn?

    Harassing innocent workers is not the answer. If the state issued a license for a purpose and its misused then pull the license and charge the owner.

    2. If they know that LTTE is frequenting the place do you want to close the place or put some intelligence on their tail?

    Answer to Q 1- . Please don?t call these people idiots. Because idiots are way better than these (word not permitted here). You have to understand that those club owners are government henchman. Most of them are owned by the politicians and high ranking government officers. If they are in the opposition, (Except JVP and LTTE) they normally change the party so that they can renew their club license. Government have a policy who ever supports them are exempted from all the crimes they done during the last regime. If convicted they have been awarded with Ministries. So forget about the pulling their license or changing the owner. Be careful, under the new SINHALA KOTI law you will be arrested for mentioning such things. Some clubs docent even have license. Law and order licensing are only for poor people. Most girls there are from very poor families and refugees from the north east, Tsunami victims or some poor areas. They have been abuse by the law enforcement officers too. If you talk to any of those innocent women they will tell you that the job was advertised in the newspaper as for waitresses in a reputed restaurant and no need of experience and employer is willing to provide secure accommodation and meals as well. They have asked to send a recent photograph too. So, who ever young, innocent, vulnerable, helpless and pretty were selected and when they get them to the big city Colombo with no money and sometimes with a one way bus/train ticket. When thy arrive in the city, they have no other choice than to do what these perverted club owners ask them to do. I have done lots of volunteer work for some of the refugee camps in the country (Including north and the east) and I have seen some Karaoke owners have come and taken these girls from these places. These Karaoke owners come with some elderly females as to build some trust with these young females before they are transported to these living hell places to fullfill the perverted acts of their customers.

    During the last few years I have seen that Dr. Hemal Jayawardena (From Harvard) have been doing a great job, by trying to educate the Law enforcement officers about harassment and abuse of these vulnerable women. It is very little we can do to protect them as Country has ruined by the ministers and ministries.

    Answer to #2 Question

    What are you talking about placing some intelligence personal to those clubs to catch LTTE? Are you stupid? We don?t work that way in the Peoples republic of Ministers country. (Former Sri Lanka) If you think we are going to work that way,, the police and the government will have a press conference and tell the nation that they have placed undercover intelligence teams to catch LTTE on those clubs. Then after that LTTE will come and kill all those intelligence team members. Then the government will blame the ?SINHALA KOTI? for selling the secrets to LTTE and they will be removed from their Minister Posts. Government take back their Luxury vehicles, security personal and other stuff includng the lawn mover. Then the Government will have a big investigation and an appointed commission under tax payers money or even add another ministry to the government. As a nation we have been going backward since the independence. Now we are going backward very rapidly. Police use astrologers to catch LTTE terrorist these days in Sri Lanka. Somehow the last astrologer had told the IGP that LTTE is gathering around the Karaoke bars in Sri Lanka. Next prediction by astrologers will be LTTE is using public toilets for daily needs. So the police will go and raid all the public toilets in the country and arrest all the women who are taking a S (Word not permitted here)as the police believe those who use those toilets are doing to associate LTTE and they are linked to LTTE. This is how our country works. After the raid government will have a Ministry for Public Toilets with a deputy minister who will handle only Urine affairs and the Minister will handle only the S (Word not permited here) matters. Triple gem bless on the poor people, God bless the country and Allahu Akbar for IGP and politicians. Imagine if these bunch of crocks lived in Saudi Arabia and what would be their plight????

    LTTE is not banned in Australia, Sri Lanka and few other countries. They will never ban in Sri Lanka but associating LTTE is illegal in Sri Lanka and you could go to jail for that. Thinking of doing that might end up finding your dead body in Muthurajawela. If they banned LTTE in Sri Lanka most military senior officials and politicians children will not get the opportunity to study abroad (USA,UK, Australia etc..) in private expensive universities, colleges, have vacation properties abroad, drive BMWs, Mercedes, Volvos, Ferraris and buy million + dollar mansions to be with their james bond girls. Hay,, I don`t want to talk much about human rights because I will be label as one of those SINHALA KOTI and a LTTE suporter where a country which is LTTE is not band. Presently Government think LTTE read all Sri Lankan newspapers (mawbima, sunday leader etc.) to gather intelligence and collect state secrets by reading these newpapers. That`s why they are arresting all the journalists now and trying to kill them so that there won`t be any LTTE attacks in the future.

  • 8 Mar 2007 16:20:22 GMT

    Hey Ahinsaka.. You should check out the updated news before posting a this type of a posting. Otherwise it will be waste of time of you and the readers due to inacurate facts.

    Regarding the fact in youe posting `associating LTTE is illegal in Sri Lanka and you could go to jail for that. Thinking of doing that might end up finding your dead body in Muthurajawela`--

    Bodies found in Muthurajawela are identified as belong to TMVP(Karuna fraction) members, who came to colombo in the intend of going for foriegn employment. Its clear that LTTE is done those killings not the GoSL or SLA.

  • 8 Mar 2007 17:15:40 GMT


    All good points made in a very artistic manner !

  • 8 Mar 2007 18:30:39 GMT


    Interesting writing: you look like a frustrated social worker who sees how much good could be done but helpless because of a few self centered idiots. I hear you: at times you don`t know whether to be mad or sad.


    [Bodies found in Muthurajawela are identified as belong to TMVP(Karuna fraction) members]

    As I said in another thread this is not all bad. GOSL has started taking out the foot soldiers of the Karuna group. This will prevent them from being a threat in the future but will allow them to keep a presence in the East to put LTTE on its toes. When GOSL sees that the time is right Karuna will disappear. My guess is Polonuruwa. You know what I mean.

  • 8 Mar 2007 21:11:52 GMT

    Its interesting that we have some good posters who don`t participate in the main threads, well I think you would make valuable contributions but I can also understand why some may stay away given the constant battles in those threads ;)