No major financial deal inked

  • 4 Mar 2007 16:01:11 GMT

    The begging bowl was so big and with more than 266 pairs of hands stretched out, the Chinese must have taken to their heels. Quite understandable. I wonder if there was anything the GOSL didn`t ask for!!!

  • 4 Mar 2007 17:00:04 GMT

    [The one million US dollars huge trade deficit in favour of China is the most important trade issue between the two countries.]

    one million ?

  • 4 Mar 2007 19:30:30 GMT

    Better to have collaborative programs for producing the `goods` (equipment, machinery ..) we need. Agreements with `Micro Cars` for building 120 pax Buses, similarly for building Railway Coaches, and with David Peiris Co for Car Assembly in Hambantota .. may be more important than `un-specified` aid. The `large entourage` accompanying the President would have been made-up of reps from `Micro`, David Pieris .. and other lesser industrialists.

    We need similar `entrepreneur-ial thrust` to develop the East. As the East begins to advance, the North too will demand to be brought within a `wider` Program for Development. At that time, VP would have to `dig deeper` into his bunker, or have some-one `put him out of his misery`.

    (My honest opinion is that co-ordinated `country-wide` Industrial Development is the best option we have .. more effective than `Regional De-centralisation`, and the expectation of related Economic Development. Economic Development of the North and the East are vital to `ending` this un-fortunate confrontation between the Sinhalese, Tamils, and the Muslims .. Bringing about a `peace-ful` environment for this `economic development` is the real challenge `facing` the President).