Of that `secret pact between Mahinda and Prabhakaran`

  • 1 Mar 2007 23:40:28 GMT

    Well said, here is the challenge of the year.

  • 2 Mar 2007 01:12:25 GMT

    I think this Editorial rather gives a better insight to the dynamics of our political affiliations than what it actually discusses.

    On one side, we have a *possible* Mahinda-Prabha pact and a whole swag of unanswered questions. On the other side, there are four major parties involved, namely, Mahinda-SLFP-JHU, JVP, Mangala-Sripathy and finally UNP.

    What all these parties (and the people who are fond of those) are doing right now is demanding other parties to answer a selected set of questions out of that whole list, leaving some undesirable queries aside. No one wants to raise those undesirable queries because, the answers to those could ruin/expose their political interests.

    For example, almost all the question raised in this editorial against Ranil, Mangala-Sripathy and JVP are correct. However, it has just stopped short analyzing what could have made Mahinda`s once closed allies Mangala and Sripathy to go against him. A person fond of Mahinda (including Editor, and Muchalinda to some extent) may repeat the same answer given to that by Mahinda et al. However, Mahinda`s *Conspiracy Theory* does not explain why they (i.e. Mangala & Co) decided to involve in a *Conspiracy* against him, after all their effort to get him elected.

    In case of JVP, they have shown some hesitation to buy Mangala`s *Pact Theory* as it is. However they do not want to explain what might have caused the well known Federalist Mangala to become anti-LTTE overnight.

    In the same way, the question Mangala dare not answer is the one about the attempted assassinations of Gotabhaya Rajapakse and the Army Commander in addition to all those about severe defeats LTTE had in the recent past.

    As the buyer of Managala`s Pact Theory, the question our Better Economic Management (who is also known as Ranil), dare not to answer is the very question Mangala does not answer.


    PS: I am no way saying (or implying) that I am unbiased. As human beings we all are biased, by default.


  • 2 Mar 2007 02:11:06 GMT

    First it was supposed to be a secret pact between RW/UNP and MR and the PA were going hammer and tongs on it, now it`s supposed to be a secret pact betwen MR/PA and RW and the UNP are going hammer and tongs on it. Same wine different bottle it seems while the entire country is being hoodwinked hook line and sinker day in day out by the so called leaders while the problems and crisis the country is facing gets worse every day and no politician seems to care. Sri Lanka sure has achieved NIC status ( Nation In Confusion)!

  • 2 Mar 2007 02:37:09 GMT

    Shakti, Aniwanse, Magechintanaya,

    Onna Kano Pinum kiwwalu!

    As usual Ranil Atkinson took the wrong end of Sripathi`s stick!!


  • 2 Mar 2007 02:42:12 GMT


    Who is ANIWANSE?


  • 2 Mar 2007 02:43:13 GMT


    Hon Anizam Weerawanse.

    Minister for Mobile phones.



  • 2 Mar 2007 04:01:47 GMT


    Is this a problem with the type of punnaku that clan get fed ?

  • 2 Mar 2007 04:07:42 GMT


    I knew he would one day come in to terms with Punakku.

    Rasa danno rasa soyaa yathi.


  • 2 Mar 2007 04:08:31 GMT

    [Of that `secret pact between Mahinda and Prabhakaran`]

    I like these kind of pacts. Let`s make more of those so we can beat the hell out of Schizo Prabha and LTTE. BTW historically Sighalese politicians are good at making pacts and show the other party the middle finger as soon as they signed them.

  • 2 Mar 2007 04:33:02 GMT


    It is a new brand of punnakku called UNPunnakku! (Mr Brown, I hold the copyrights for that word OK?)


    Rasa danno Ranil soya yathi... (Mangala et al..)