A show of barbarity!

  • 28 Feb 2007 02:20:09 GMT

    Ok! so now what? Are the US, Italian and French forces going to land in Lanka to finish off the LTTE because the ambassadors were almost killed? ;)

    Anyway I thought that the LTTE were almost history in the East and that VP was on the verge of leaving for South Africa to live in excile; At least that is what was told by KR day in day out to the press.

  • 28 Feb 2007 02:22:05 GMT

    Srilnaka has no news media but purely propagandas media , when tamils get killed or crimes against humanity take place these medias has no message to the public , but when ever they need to support state terrorism they open the mouth , shame on you !

    [also this is [Editorial News] , not a single word abut SLA fired mortar at SLMM , they dont see or they dont hear , wahta racism in the name of news media !]

  • 28 Feb 2007 02:27:51 GMT

    [Erik Solheim condemns Sri Lanka Army for unprovoked shelling

    at Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission in Pooneryn

    [TamilNet, Thursday, 09 November 2006, 08:49 GMT]

    `...There was clear sight....it was impossible to misunderstand the situation. The army was in advance informed of the meeting which was about inspecting the pathway that has been damaged. SLA fired artillery shells started to hit the ground first at 100 meter distance, but gradually the shells began approaching the delegation, at closest 50 meter from the Head of Mission. One of the vehicles was pushed off the path due to the air pressure caused by the artillery shelling...` Norwegian International Development Minister Erik Solheim


  • 28 Feb 2007 02:32:12 GMT

    Why dont you see this one as state terrorism ? are you that much ignorant ? or sinhala Chauvinism ?

    [SLMM Head, visiting Pooneryn, comes under artillery fire

    [TamilNet, Wednesday, 08 November 2006, 10:04 GMT]

    Sri Lanka Army (SLA) fired artillery shells crossed over the Head of Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) Major General Lars Johan Sølvberg and his delegation who were visiting the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) controlled Pooneryn jetty Wednesday evening to undertake a feasibiity study on Colombo`s latest suggestion in opening Pooneryin Sangupitty Road as an alternative to A9. SLA fired artillery shells exploded 200 meters behind in Pooneryn jetty area while the delegation was visiting the site for inspection around 3:15 p.m. The Norwegian Major General returned safely, LTTE officials told TamilNet. While returning, artillery shells exploded at 20 meter distance. The visit took place after informing the Sri Lankan defence authorities.

    The LTTE Peace Secretariat officials in Kilinocchi said they wanted the Head of SLMM to inspect and verify himself that the Sangupitty - Pooneryn - Mannar Road is not fit as a landroute alternative to A9. Director of LTTE`s Peace Secretariat, S. Puleedevan, told TamilNet that 500 meters of road in the jetty area had been wiped out as SLA artillery and MBRL rocket launchers have been pounding the narrow strip during the last weeks. In addition, there was no land route for 800 meters where ferry service was required. Maj. Gen. Lars Johan Sølvberg also inspected the Pooneryn - Mannar Road, Mr. Puleedevan said. He further said that the road was not a usable alternative to A9. `It would require months, if not an year to get the the pathway usable, he said, denouncing the route as an alternative to A9. Johan Sølvberg visited LTTE Peace Secretariat in Kilinochchi Wednesday with the Sri Lankan suggestion forwarded by the Sri Lankan Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP).]

  • 28 Feb 2007 02:32:26 GMT

    [We thought most embassies in Colombo were in touch with the LTTE and kept it informed of the trips their bosses made to the conflict zone. Some ambassadors even meet the LTTE every so often, don`t they?]

    If we thought so - then we recognize the International status that LTTE actually enjoys.

    Why is the life of these foreigners more important than those of citizens of Sri Lanka including from Batticaloa? These foreigners send their messengers to treat Sri Lankans as second class to themselves and I witnessed this whilst I was stationed at Mankerni in Batticaloa district. My life was at risk when Security Officers questioned me - more than they questioned my American partner.

    It is good for these foreigners to get a taste of the local experience so they would own at least a little bit of the problem. Once this happens the solution would already have started.

    The Tigers have wittingly or unwittingly opened the gates of ownership.

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam from Australia

  • 28 Feb 2007 02:35:37 GMT

    [Why is the life of these foreigners more important than those of citizens of Sri Lanka including from Batticaloa?]

    well said , i am IN .

  • 28 Feb 2007 02:40:12 GMT

    Thambi, Gaja,

    White skin has more value than the black sri lankan skins which are `suitable only for slippers`.( Remember what Chelva`s wife said? :) )

  • 28 Feb 2007 02:47:13 GMT

    The GOSL believed their own lies and felt there was no point in informing the LTTE as they (GOSL) are in full control of the East.

    Now they and the rest of the world know the GOSL LIED and the LTTE are just round the corner.

    The Rambutan fellow it trying to cover up his A _ _ so that he will not look like a total ass and a lier in the eyes of the IC.

    Anyway the days of this minister are also numbered. His boss will soon be facing the IC with regards to rigging the presidential election.

    When the head is rotten guess how the rest of the cabinet will be . These people made a deal with the LTTE. And now they are probably breaking every word of the deal.Well soon the real story will be out.

    I am just waiting to see the day Sri Lankans come to their senses and give MR what he relay deserve.

  • 28 Feb 2007 02:57:43 GMT

    If the SLA is in full control where did the LTTE come from?

    Are the LTTE allowed to move around armed in SLA controlled areas?

    Something do not make sense here.

    Is the SLA in control of the area or was it just propoganda for the Sinhala masses.


  • 28 Feb 2007 02:57:55 GMT


    [White skin has more value than the black sri lankan skins which are `suitable only for slippers`.]

    Not for me and those who identify with me. Is it so to you?