Now the world knows - Keheliya

  • 28 Feb 2007 04:52:16 GMT


    Where were you when your boss made the deal with the LTTE? ]

    Mahinda`s deal with Sungoat:

    We shall bring European ambassadors to East, you kill them.

    Madayan LTTE!


  • 28 Feb 2007 06:20:40 GMT

    Yes Yes Yes Keheliya, we know, the world knows and everybody interested in SL affairs knows that the LTTE are `Mlechcha thasthawaadiyas` that is why the LTTE is banned in so many countries (except SL).

    You play the same `Mlechcha thrasthawaadiyas` chorus every day at those press briefings. But having said that the kotiyas were almost history in the East and that VP was packing his bags to go and live in excile in South Africa we find the fellows firing mortars from Batti and that too at the chopper carrying the US Ambassodor. Now what do you expect? A coalition force of the US Italy and France to land in SL to bury the dead LTTE?

  • 28 Feb 2007 06:34:01 GMT

    Looks like Keheliya and his gang has been waiting for something like this to happen. But given the volatile nature of SL affairs, particularly the track of record of the government`s inaccurate accounts of various incidents which are now confirmed by Mangala,etc, who believes what the govt is saying.

    It is possible that govt deliberately arranged this to happen to get some money and sympathy out of it. Only a proper investigation will reveal the truth. Until then, Govt should take the blame in full.

  • 28 Feb 2007 07:00:54 GMT

    Keheliya check you man,

    You know what`s next ?

    GOSL got kicked in front of IC Yesterday Why ? for Negligence.

    LTTE Scored top, on GOSL mistakes.

    Understand LTTE Ran away from Vakarei and re grouping Now.

    Your political opponent`s, including Sripathi stories do have some reality`s.

  • 28 Feb 2007 07:06:18 GMT

    GOSL plans -removed-ed in the last four weeks:

    Plan to kill karuna was spoiled as the ex minister leaked the plan.

    Plan to kill the Bishop was spoiled by trying to justify before the act by making a false statement that the Bishop provided information and then realizing they have never named the informant. Creating more questions than answers.

    Now taking diplomats to a war zone hoping at least one will be killed but it has not happened.

    Fun times ahead.

  • 28 Feb 2007 08:45:45 GMT

    Why should the GOSL take the blame for what LTTE does?? I am sure LTTE miscalculated a bit thinking that the visitors will not be in that Chopper. It`s pretty clear who is doing what.. Guess US know as well. But what can they do, they just do the lip service. NATO (No Action Talk Only)

  • 28 Feb 2007 09:24:29 GMT

    GOSl should take the blame because it did not give publicity to the fact it was carrying diplomats. It wanted LTTE to fire at them. That was their scheme to get LTTe to fire and then gain international sympathy.

    US has done more than lip service. Like I said in another thread they ban LTTe in 1980s. They caught LTTEr members in NY trying to buy arms. They give military training to SL idiots. They influnced other countries to ban LTTe. They provide inteligence to curb LTTe operations. They ban LTTE fund raising, etc. etc.

    It is only those who blame others for their weaknesses fail to see the US role in context. No amount of foreign help can give brains to the brainless.

    Sri Lankans are as stupid as thick bricks.

  • 28 Feb 2007 09:58:56 GMT

    [all SLA needs is the Chinese, Russian and Israeli hardware to complete the job. None of the monkeys ever thought that after the KIA attack in 2001 that the SLAF will rise like a phoenix]

    Just when do you think SLA will finish the job. In the year 2050? That seems like a possibility considering the fact that they have been fighting a bunch of LTTe for the past 30 years. I thought Anurudda Rattwatte finished the job. So he didn`t. Chinese, Russians and Israelise know that Sri Lankans are stupid and that is why they support the MR govt to keep on fighting. So they can sell their unsalebale arms to the GOSL. Like those stone bombs that the Paks were selling to SL recently.

  • 28 Feb 2007 10:50:58 GMT

    Sri Lanka is not progressing at all. What signs of progress can you see? In Colombo, there is not a single decent public toilet for the use of millions who travel to Colombo everyday. If you walk into the one at the private bus stand at Pettah you would drown knee high. Yet SL is inviting tourists to come. ICU in Colombo hospital went under water during the recent floods. Where in the world authorities would build ICU on lowlying ground!

    One has to take SLTB bus or private bus to see the quality of service. Roads are full of pot holes. Schools are without material. No medcine in hospitals. Ordinary people are suffering a lot becasue of MR and his stupid policies and the useless war.

  • 28 Feb 2007 11:23:39 GMT


    Keep going buddy...all the best..