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  • 21 Feb 2007 00:26:32 GMT

    Yes Sir;

    It should be done.

    Take care of those pathetic losers. They deserve maximum punishment. Even suspension of studentship is OK. Once a batch of those go home, the others will learn the lesson.

    Good Move.

  • 21 Feb 2007 00:26:53 GMT

    Ragging is depending of mental position. Some people never like that. Some are like, So Somebody can tenure Rag and somebody can?t. If mental position is high, that person can tenure rag, If mental position is low he cant tenure rag.

    Some Students who join Universities, they face lot of mental struggle when faced rag, Some students give up university by this rag,

    So Ragging is not needed for university, this is the poor method of WELL COME fresher

  • 21 Feb 2007 00:33:53 GMT

    In Sri Lanka, those who select for the University doesn`t need a special ragging. They have struggled throughout their lives to achieve that.

    That`s enough.

  • 21 Feb 2007 01:36:58 GMT

    ImageHigher Education Minister Prof. Wishwa Warnapala ?????

  • 21 Feb 2007 02:33:49 GMT

    If you want to stop ragging, appoint Homowansa and Weeramonkey as Chancellors.

  • 21 Feb 2007 03:05:59 GMT

    Must be using his famous Warnapala method!!


  • 21 Feb 2007 03:39:45 GMT

    Student Unions & Ragging are mutually exclusive events.

    Could somebody high light how this bill will prevent political parties getting control of student unions?

  • 21 Feb 2007 05:16:27 GMT

    I actually thought that the ragging in local unis are reducing(according to what I heard from the Colombo campus)....If it is increasing govt authorities should take some action....


  • 21 Feb 2007 09:10:17 GMT

    This is great news to us. Ragging is the cause of all the problems faced by Graduates and their attitude

    If a political party needs new recruits, the solution is not to Brainwash the young students. If their policies are good, people will join them. But using ragging as the solution only narrows their minds and make them puppets of their leaders. After that they are not open to any new ideas.

    The out come is a bunch of graduates who lack innovativeness and they will never become good leaders.

    And they are very poor in English, since during ragging, they are not allowed to study it.

    And, who says ragging and Student unions are mutually exclusive? Then you`ve never been to a university in Sri Lanka.

  • 21 Feb 2007 15:06:55 GMT

    Ragging is the best way to initiate the village idiots who enter universities into an alien environment.

    Without it they would find great difficulty in adjusting to a different way of life than they were used to for the first two decades of their lives.

    It gives them a thunderbolt up their asses and wakes them up to the new big bad world out there.

    On the other hand ragging brings out the sadism in us all. A real carnival time for S&M practioners.