Govt. says no secret deals with LTTE

  • 20 Feb 2007 23:02:14 GMT

    [Govt. says no secret deals with LTTE ]

    isnt this the default position of the GOVT.!! what else can they say!

    even MR had back door dealings (exposed by that tamil editor he used as a go between).


    take a look at DVLADV home page for another article!

  • 20 Feb 2007 23:02:48 GMT

    Humm lets see...Forget Sripathis alligations. Lets see the facts...

    1. LTTE which was supposedly in bed with RW, ensures MRs victory. There were roumers about the part played by Tiran Allas.

    2. Govt conducts war only in the east. Hardly any attacks in the North. Only a few air strikes once in a while.

    3. No major attacks in Colombo by LTTE.

    4. MR commits Major human rights violations and West relaxes some of the stringent measures against the LTTE.

    5. Three of the `SUPPOSEDLY` BIGGEST TRAITORS - Milinda Moragoda, GLP, Rajitha are Senior Cabinet Ministers, while downgrading senior SLFPers.

    6. Sripathi alledges link between MR and LTTE.

    7. MR who kicked out Sripathi and Mangala wants to `kiss and make up` PROVIDED, Sripathi withdraws the alligations.

    8. 35 years in Politics and MR cant put forward a political solution to the NE issues (exactly what the LTTE wants).

    Interesting indeed..... :)

    How much money was made by the people concerned?? How much money was made over the dead bodies of Srilankan soldiers???

  • 20 Feb 2007 23:08:18 GMT

    Gentlemen don`t talk. But this is politics so its time for Alles to start talking if there was any deals done I bet he would have been in the middle of it.

  • 20 Feb 2007 23:37:26 GMT


    Ever heard of Political Survival ?]]]]

  • 21 Feb 2007 00:10:56 GMT

    [government told parliament yesterday there was no basis to allegations by ousted minister Sripathi Sooriyarachchi of secret deals with the LTTE while Mr. Sooriayarachchi who was in the House at that stage remained silent though he last week said he would soon give details of the alleged deals]

    SIRI-PATHI is expert in blaming and accusation. So his accusations are not mush important and not much to be considered. If MR presents his former ministry with high luxury facilities he will be turn his accusations towards LTTE and famous UNP.

    ANURA and SIRI-PATHI not important for SL. The problem is Mangala. He has massive voting base in MARATHARA.

    I hope he will re ?join Ministry and I know one thing, He never ever join UNP.

  • 21 Feb 2007 00:33:24 GMT

    [Govt. says no secret deals with LTTE ]

    No = Yes

  • 21 Feb 2007 00:33:51 GMT

    If Sripathi wants to join MR he has to be silent ?

    Any how we like to see your video before.

    MR,Ranil,CBK all in same boat,If want to stay in power they

    will make any deal even with Bin ladin.

    Ask Basil ?

  • 21 Feb 2007 00:36:25 GMT

    Howard is a guy who has 1400 troops in Iraq and thinks that he is on equal footing with US who have over 140,000 troops and has the balls to criticize Obama.

  • 21 Feb 2007 00:51:22 GMT

    Now here are some points:

    (a)If government has a deal with the LTTE, the best source to inquire about it, is the LTTE.

    (b) If LTTE has a deal with the government, why should expat Tamils and other LTTE supporters sponsor an organization which has underhand business with, in their own opinion, a racist Sinhala governments?

    (c) If Sripathi is worried so much about waging the war in `empty` eastern province, does it imply he unconditionally support attacks in Kilinochchi, the place, according to him, where the real war should be?

    Frankly, I can`t understand Sripathi.

    But I can clearly see a future for Man-Gala. He should join Ranil (not necessarily the UNP). Remember, Mangala always wanted to be close to the leadership. ha managed it with CBK and was frustrated when MRs brothers are blocking his way. If Mangala joins Ranil, one `leader` without any friends these days, he not only can be close right hand man, but also can sleep with him. (Kohomada Mage Tikiri Mole).

  • 21 Feb 2007 03:11:18 GMT

    Since the GOSL is having secret deals with LTTE (according to Sripathi and Anizam) you terrorist supporters now start sing praises on GOSL!!