Cabinet house full: Extra ministers get Rs. 100,000 for rent

  • 18 Feb 2007 15:55:55 GMT

    The `Punnaku` licker`s must understand,how the corrupted regime of `Mahinda & bandits`,wasting the money for the useless bastards sitting the Parliament..

    If,they do not understand this, may be they are mentally sick idiots..

  • 18 Feb 2007 16:01:37 GMT

    Mahinda cut the crap. Invest those wasting Rs 100,000 times those useless ministers to build some hospitals, schools or at least eradicate the terror menace by bringing more weapons. Why? why? why? Mahinda are you that stupid?

    How many ministers do you want to run this small country? Make everyone a minister, so there is no terrorist problem.

    I remember Mr Bean again!! :) :)


  • 19 Feb 2007 03:17:17 GMT

    Ministers lata kiri, apita kakiri/punnakku

  • 19 Feb 2007 05:12:04 GMT

    104 Ministers.

    104 * 100,000 = 10,400,000/per Month.

    This is NOTHING compared to what the Rajapassa brothers are plundering from the country.

    Kapan PUNNAKKU!!! :) :)

  • 19 Feb 2007 05:17:36 GMT

    [This is NOTHING compared to what the Rajapassa brothers are plundering from the country. ]

    How much? Can you give some details?

  • 19 Feb 2007 05:35:26 GMT

    [How much? Can you give some details?]

    Just from ONE ministry!

    [The reports said that alleged commissions or kickbacks paid to defence agents representing Pakistan were as high as 20 to 25 per cent, with 15 to 20 per cent allegedly going to Sri Lankan officials. The alleged kickbacks would amount to about 15 to 20 million dollars, they said. ]

    Add to that all the govt institutions under the Rajapassa brothers WHILE most of the 104 ministers have One or two departments under them. One minister - Minister of special projects have NO Departments under him. ALL the while the Rajapassas control almost a hundred govt institutions...

    It is anyones guess as to how much money is plundered fromt he following departments..

    While our Minister of SPECIAL PROJECTS His royal hiness Mahinda Wijesekera has NO institutions under his preview

    Among the institutions which are retained by the President are:

    * The Telecommunication Regulatory

    Authority (TRC)

    * Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and

    Development Corporation (SLRDC),

    * Land Reforms Commission (LRC)

    * The Public Enterprises Reforms Commission (PERC)

    Minister of Religious Affairs and Moral Upliftment

    *Department of Buddhist Affairs

    * Department of Christian Religious Affairs

    * Department of Hindu Religious and

    Cultural Affairs

    * Department of Muslim Religious and

    Cultural Affairs

    * Department of Public Trustee

    Minister of Defence, Public Security, Law and Order

    * Sri Lanka Army, Navy and Air Force

    * Department of Police

    * National Cadet Corps

    * Reserve Affairs Council

    * Kotalawala Defence Academy

    * National Defence Fund

    * National Intelligence Bureau

    * National Dangerous

    Drugs Control Board

    * Special Police Reserve

    * Department of Civil Security

    * Army Command and Staff College

    Ranaviru Seva Authority

    Ministry of Finance and Planning

    * General Treasury

    * Department of National Budget

    * Department of Fiscal Policy

    * Department of National Planning

    * Department of Management Services

    * Department of State Accounts

    * Department of Public Finance

    * Department of Treasury Operation

    * Department of External Resources

    * Department of Development Finance

    * Department of Public Enterprises

    * Department of Trade, Tariff and

    Investment Policy

    * Department of Census and Statistics

    * Department of Inland Revenue

    * Sri Lanka Customs

    * Department of Excise

    * Department of Valuation

    * Central Bank of Sri Lanka

    * Sri Lanka Accounting and Auditing

    Standards Monitoring Board

    * Insurance Board of Sri Lanka

    * Lady Lochore Fund

    * Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion and

    Terrorism Fund

    * Development Lotteries Board

    * National Lotteries Board

    * Bank of Ceylon

    * People`s Bank

    * National Savings Bank

    * Employees Trust Fund

    * State Mortgage and Investment Bank

    * Regional Development Banks

    * Private Sector Infrastructure

    * Development Company

    * Credit Information Bureau

    * National Development Trust Fund

    * Securities and Exchange Commission

    of Sri Lanka

    * Welfare Benefits Board

    * Department of Import

    and Export Control

    * Housing Development Finance

    Corporation Bank (HDFCB)

    * Lanka Putra Development Bank

    Nation Building and Estate

    Infrastructure Development

    * Reconstruction and Development

    Agency (RADA)

    * Secretariat of Immediate Humanitarian

    and rehabilitation needs in the North and East (SIHRAN)

    * Department of Up-Country Peasantry


    * Tsunami Housing Reconstruction

    Unit (THRU)

    * Transport and Highways Unit

    * Fisheries Housing Unit

    * Road Development Unit

    * Water and Power Supply Unit

    * Infrastructure Development Unit

    * Estate Community Housing

    Development Unit

    * Department of Commissioner-General

    of Samurdhi

    * Samurdhi Authority of Sri Lanka

    * International Centre for the Training of

    * Rural Leaders (Embilipitiya)

    * Rural Development Training and

    Research Institute

    * Gama Neguma Secretariat

    * District Planning Secretariats

    * Gemi Diriya Programme

    * Southern Development Authority

    * Regional Development Division

    * Southern Rural Economic Advancement Project

    * Revolving Credit Programme -

    Kegalle District

    * Revolving Credit Programme -

    Ratnapura District

    * NWP Dry Zone Participatory

    * Development Project

    * Integrated Rural Development Project- Moneragala

    * Matale Rural Economic Advancement


    * Enterprise Service System Promotion

    Project - Kandy

    * Moneragala Irrigation and Community

    Development Project

    * Uva Rural Economic Advancement


    * NCP Participatory Rural Development


    * Udarata Development Authority

    * Project for Maintenance Infrastructure

    for Alleviation of Rural Poverty

    * Ten Thousand Tanks Project

    Lets not forget the 83.5 Million the Rajapassa was CAUGHT RED HANDED trying to steal from Tsunami aid. That was what was caught. No one knows how much was NOT caught.... :)

  • 19 Feb 2007 05:56:00 GMT


    Yeah im just waiting for to see who the very first MR Boot licker to come and tell me here that Every single politician in SL is Corrupt, EXCEPT for the SRI ROHAHA Punnakku Rala!!! is..

    Actually we might already have the answer!! :) :)

  • 19 Feb 2007 07:50:45 GMT


    thanks for updating us on the list of institutions under MR and his brothers. You know, until recently, the INSTITUTE OF POLICY STUDIES was headed by a mentally unfit person. So much for instituions in SL.

    The US style management seems to have come to SL with the US style corruption and kickbacks. That is what the guys are busy doing.They will make sure that SL goes further down in the pit latrine. They have taken up that task from where Chandrika left.

    Despite all this, JVP idiots are asking MR to abolish the CFA and go for a full scale war.

  • 19 Feb 2007 08:45:12 GMT

    I am curious: what are the new salaries for the President, the Prime Ministers, Ministers and MPs? I think I may have missed that article. I got myself high class housing in Colombo for Rs 30,000 a month so Rs 100,000 must be fully luxury.

  • 19 Feb 2007 15:19:03 GMT

    [Extra ministers get Rs 100,000.00 rent]

    Do not hurry to critisize this. Wait till Bandula Gunawardana will explain its reasonability. Ane ape sir, ikman karala prkashyak karannako issara claas ekedi kiyanawa wage.Ane Ban.... kiya...