Presidential Commission to investigate Ports Authority misdeeds

  • 14 Feb 2007 05:50:12 GMT

    [Better now than NEVER..............

    Masses need to know what misdeeds are & the losses to the country....]

    Before you applaude in such a hurry ask youself who you are trying to fool because there would not have been an investigation if Mangala was still with MR.

    MR has orderd this not because he is interested in cleaning up but becasue he wants Mangala and others to know that if they cross over they will have face this type of investigations.

    What about other misdeeds pointed out by the auditor general and Cope. Are they also being investigated. Are the arms deals during the past year or so being investigated?

  • 14 Feb 2007 06:26:54 GMT

    What goes around comes around. 90% of the time harassment and charges against Tamils were cooked up. But fools were clapping little did they realize that by their action the weakened the Justice system and accountability.

    So lets watch the next episode of clowns the popular drama in politics.

    It sure sounds like the famous Sinhala saying `Wandurata Dhali Pheyia Dunna Waghe`.

  • 14 Feb 2007 15:58:22 GMT

    This shows irregularities, malpractices and corruption are done by the ministers in large scale(at least most of the Cabinet Ministers). These are brought into light at a crisis situ like what happened, until then they are been covered and hidden from the Public. There is enormous waste & Corruption in the Government Services & Public Corporations.......Mahinda Rajapakse...its up to you...Please be tough on all the Ministers, Re-shuffle them often & have a control on these guys...have tough internal Financial control over Large scale Procurement/Services/Contracts without allowing the Ministers to decide.

  • 14 Feb 2007 16:01:35 GMT

    This shows the type of man he is. :) All of mangalas misdeeds come about only when he revolts.

    HOw about Helping Hambanthota where MR was caught RED HANDED trying to steal Tsunami aid meant for the poor?

    How about the massive plundering that is taking place under the Rajapaksha brothers???? :)

    Srilanka - fools Paradise!!!

  • 14 Feb 2007 17:29:21 GMT

    [How about the massive plundering that is taking place under the Rajapaksha brothers???? :)]

    Please give them a break. They will only steal the public purse until they accumulate wealth equal to the Bandaranayake family.

    Look at it from the other side. If he doesn`t do it the President of SL will suffer from inferiority complex through out his life and that is not good for the country.

  • 15 Feb 2007 05:26:37 GMT

    Better late than never,,, ha ha saman-J living in a dream world

    had mongala been in the govt and paid P-Service to MR, he would have been the next premier.

    this is the dirtiest part in SL politics.

    whenever there is a x-over, the former party accuses the dissidents of corruption, bribery and all other stuff... but when they are in their own ranks... aney harim honda lamai... harima ahinsakai... thoththa babaa.... kukku bonna oney hondey.....

    our literacy rate is said to be 90% +. but as Ven Soma thero says ...

    apey minissunta ugathkama thibunata buddhiyak nehe..

    keep on making the same old mistake again over and over again.... hand it down from generation to generation.... our country would remain an `under developed` country even in 2050 [if at all the country remain].

  • 15 Feb 2007 06:38:31 GMT

    [Better late than never,,, ha ha saman-J living in a dream world]

    Yakamahattaya, SamanJ is benefiting from the present government. He is either an MP or has close connections with them. That is why he is whitewashing MR in complete disregard for the truth.

    I guess that SamanJ is a JVPer now embrassing MR government. One comes to that conclusion from the way he writes English. Typical JVP English. From the villege. For SamanJ understanding, GODAYA.

  • 15 Feb 2007 06:41:13 GMT


    [From the villege. For SamanJ understanding, GODAYA.]

    Truly, this is under the belt. You are not from the `top drawer` yourself, are you?



  • 15 Feb 2007 08:17:47 GMT

    Yeh.. no matter which party or colour the politician is... as long as they serve one party...they are good...once they x-over.. the former party accuses that fellow of corruption.

    eg - the 18 guys who left UNP and joined the govt... not a word was mentioned abt the fact they were corrupt etc when they were in UNP.... now ..presto.... they are the worst in town... if Ra-Kneel is so CLEAN and wants to instill discipline in his party, he should have held inquiries for all of them while they were in power cos he was the prime minister...but.... he never did that....that tells the who can say the CLEAN is really clean..!!

    same way.... mongal... while he was hell bent in the presidential race to bring vistor to MR, he was quite ok... then once he wrote a letter with hard facts [truth], he is a villain and the worst b-a-s-t-a-r-d in town....

    this has happened for lalith,gamini.... SB, GL, .... the list goes on and on...