Military says Thoppigala fall imminent

  • 13 Feb 2007 22:47:11 GMT

    [Once the east is cleared if there are threats by the LTTE from Mullaitivu and Kilinochchi, then we will take action to liberate those areas as well but that is a long way ahead,` he said though admitting liberating the north would not be as easy as the east.]

    Self proclamation regarding liberation of the east??? Who liberates whom? Tamils are progressing towards independence and once the military is off our back we must work to liberate the Sinhalese from their ignorant past.

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam from Australia

  • 13 Feb 2007 22:47:17 GMT

    Thoppigala will be a great thoppi for tamil thugs!

  • 13 Feb 2007 22:48:58 GMT

    Falling like nine pins!

    When will they face the reality????

    Karuna says `even if god is with LTTE they can not win`

    But the decision is up to one person. he can not survive in a peaceful environment. Hence will sacrifice every thing just to retain the `kingship`. 40000 tamils sacrificed and he will even sacrifice the remaining ones!

    Remember even late Bala agreed for a federal settlement. The the top fool rejected. He will never settle for peace.

    collapse of peace talks 4000 dead and what happend to LTTE.

    - lost Mavil aru

    -lost Mutur

    -lost Sampur

    -Lost Varakai

    -lost ships

    -lost A9

    -Lost eastern province and lost the domination of its people

    -Loosing Toppigala

    Well grade 8 drop out can not understand the reality.

    Hence people will continue top get killed !

    Is he accountable?

    No not even to devil........

  • 13 Feb 2007 22:53:21 GMT

    [LTTE`s tactics this year has not been good]

    What LTTE`s tactics are you talking about??

    as far as we know, LTTE`s so called `tactic` is to kill as many as possible. is that a tactic to you???

    not only this year, LTTE has been following the same old killing tactic for more than 25 years but nothing achieved.

    it is time for the LTTE to change their tactics.

  • 13 Feb 2007 22:55:16 GMT

    [Remember even late Bala agreed for a federal settlement. The the top fool rejected. He will never settle for peace. ]

    Can you show us the federal proposal put forward by the government?

  • 13 Feb 2007 23:00:35 GMT

    [LTTE`s tactics this year has not been good, and this gives the army confidence. because of this LTTE would start to loose support among their own tamil people if they carry on this way]

    Looks like one terror supporter is losing confidence on the terror oufit.

  • 13 Feb 2007 23:02:12 GMT

    Hello Gaja,

    [Tamils are progressing towards independence]

    Yes, the tamils will finally be liberated by the SLF from the terrorists. Like Keheliya says its imperative that Thoppigala will fall to the GOSL like Sampoor, Vaharai and Kathiraveli so the last terror block will come to an end in the East.

    Marching towards the North is then and there be considered. So yes, your prognosis is getting a reality.

    So I would like to add your comment as Tamils are progressing towards independence from the terror tyranny.


  • 13 Feb 2007 23:04:35 GMT


    [Yes, the tamils will finally be liberated by the SLF from the terrorists]

    We obviously interpret differently. Tamils are progressing towards independence means - getting out of the dependence on the government or any other group external to themselves.

    When you yourself start becoming independent in little ways - by using your own discoveries rather than those of others, you would appreicate my statement as it was intended. Until then we must wait patiently for you to catch up.



  • 13 Feb 2007 23:08:27 GMT


    As you rightly said if Thoppigala is to remain in LTTE hands the LTTE has to open up another front from the north.

    If the LTTE loses Thoppigala then the East is truly lost. I don`t know how VP is planning to do to keep a foothold in the East but he cannot afford to lose Thoppigala.

    If there is a serious attempt by the SLDF to capture Thoppigala we have to wait and see how VP reacts.

  • 13 Feb 2007 23:10:56 GMT

    yeah, yeah, blah, blah!