JHU in bid to bring back Mangala, Sripathy

  • 14 Feb 2007 12:09:13 GMT

    JHU in bid to bring back Mangala, Sripathy

    J athika H ell You rumaya,is a party with no policy or any future plan, towards the nation..

    This brown monkeys, totally, a waste garbage for the whole country,though their duty is to follow the Buddhas teaching,and stay in the spiritual side of the life..

    They have no rights, what so ever to mixed in politics, according to their religion..

    But, what is the $hit,they are doing?

    Fasting in front of the Maligawa, Fort railway station and Victoria park..

    Working as middle man and spoiling the whole nation...

    Now,they are trying work as a broker for Mahinda and Mangala...

    This brown coated `Terrorist Bikkus` must be eradicated from politics..

    Then only the people can live peacefully...

  • 14 Feb 2007 12:11:31 GMT

    [JHU in bid to bring back Mangala, Sripathy ]

    Kavuru kavuruth me pinkamata daayaka venna.

    Sadhu. Sadhu. Sadhu.


  • 14 Feb 2007 12:25:05 GMT

    [General Secretary of the (JHU) Dr. Omalpe Sobitha Thera said the current political dilemma is an internal problem of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and both groups would do well to immediately solve their problem because it would effect the current efforts to eradicate terrorism. ]

    Sobhitha goyyo,

    Why dont you do another fast unto death?


  • 14 Feb 2007 16:08:47 GMT

    It seems like the Harmuduruwo cant be with out `GAY` Mangala.. I wonder why :) :)

  • 14 Feb 2007 17:38:22 GMT

    [It seems like the Harmuduruwo cant be with out `GAY` Mangala.. I wonder why :) :)]

    The harmuduruwo is not supposed to refuse anything offered: Mangala can offer things others cannot. ;)

  • 14 Feb 2007 20:56:55 GMT

    JVP,UNP,TNA should form a united opposition front to pressurize the government to follow the correct path for good governance and some must not cloud this issue with the ongoing conflict as the conflict will evaporate with prosperity and justice in the country.I doubt the JVP is matured enough to tackle all issues as they are still on a learning curve,perhaps they could give two or three of their seats to TULF,perhaps one of them be MR Anandasangeree as we need his political mature counsel and perhaps his valuable advice .End result will be a peaceful,just and prosperous island.

  • 14 Feb 2007 21:04:16 GMT


    You continue to surprise me with your views. Im not saying that in a bad way. I just dont understand how a JVP follower can suggest an alliance with the TNA (or even for that matter with the UNP).. I LIKE TO THINK of my self as a very openminded Liberal person with out an ONCE of racism in me but even i cant recomend an alliance between the JVP + the TNA. Simply because the views they hold are soo diverse that i cant see it working. Just look at home much trouble MR is having and the difference among MRs group is not as much a the difference between the TNA and the JVP.

    Im just curious - do you mind if i ask you what your back ground is? I mean are you Sinhalese or tamil or Muslim? Also what age range are u? You dont have to respond if you dont want to..:)


  • 14 Feb 2007 22:15:36 GMT


    Iam half Burgher and Sinhala and I go out of the way to find the truth.Last 4 years I have traveled in to the most remotest areas in SL,perhaps to Vanni by accident.I was very close to the conflict at the end of July `06,spent 3 miserable nights at Kanthale, from there drove and rode through,perhaps the ltte areas to Ampare then Katharagama for the Perahara.I met and inquired from people of all backgrounds at their own habitation and they only want to be left alone live their humble lives.I have personally met some of the JVP leaders,through curiosity,several times and I too have met the late TNA MP,a smashing guy with a great personality.I too would like to go to Killinorchi and meet the leaders there,as I met Karuna`s people in Bati,had a drink with them too,very friendly.At the end of it, is that aspirations are just the same for all,as some(the Tamils) are in the forefront and the Sinhalese are still sleeping allowing their leaders to cheat them,the Muslims are on their own,trying to serve all with their trading and bussniss,while their religious leaders are trying to capitalize on their new found world trend of fundamentalism,which might segregate themselves from the rest and the Burghers have just took their belongings and ran to other nations,while people like us,just couldn`t forget our good old days that we had with my Tamil,Muslim,Sihala,Sindhi friends in SL.We didn`t have all the present luxuries of the West,but much more contended and happier with the little we left behind in SL.I still visit my old pals and help their children with emplyement,etc.My heart is there,in east,west,north and south,not fogetting Kandy.My conclusion is through real sincerity and purpose we could make that place a paradise.As far as the JVP is concerned,they are expressing the same aspirations and desires that an average person need and their methods may not be agreeable,but they are learning fast and they are not racists,as some claim to be,as I asked them over and over again and what they want is a united country,so they can`t be racists?Let`s hope so, but what`s going on is joke!

  • 14 Feb 2007 22:31:31 GMT


    I have recorded what Mr Raviraj said in his numeruos TV debates and the JVP`s Nandana Goonetilleke.They never said that we must kill each other and if you speak to them one to one one can see the human aspect of it and I am sure it`s true with the others and I have some respect for VP too,as he has sacrificed his own family,his luxuries that our rouges and their rouges are enjoying,by sticking to a remote uncomfortable place in Vanni,for a cause he passionately believe and live by.We may not agree with him but he has his freedom to his views,without resorting to terrorism and he must put his views to the country and to it`s people,but not live there by terror within his terrorist enclave,but by way of a fair and free referendum of some sort.

  • 14 Feb 2007 22:41:11 GMT


    What you say is true. I agree that most people dont want war. But whats the solution? The TNA is willingly or unwillingly toeing the LTTE line, which is nothing sort of the seperate state. AT BEST a Federal solution. Thats the bare minimum the TNA will settle for.

    On the Other hand the JVP is not willing accept anything more than a Unitary state. They were not even willing to accept provincial councils. The UNP is right in the middle -for a Federal state. MR is neither here nor there but everywhere.

    SO yeah what you say is true - whats happening today is a joke... :)