Three mobile phones detected in Naufer`s cell

  • 10 Feb 2007 08:06:36 GMT

    [During the last six months, Prisons authorities have been able to detect around 300 mobile phones in the possession of prisoners housed in the Magazine prison, Welikade remand prison and the Negombo prison Wijegoonawardene said. ]

    I think the prisoners get mobile phones by mail order.

    [ We have been able to minimise corruption in the prisons during the last few months.`] HOW?

    [But he said they need not always resort to this practice since some corrupt officers smuggle various items into the prison and hand them over to prisoners.]

    Some Corrupt officers? Every body is corrupt in the prison.

  • 10 Feb 2007 12:01:03 GMT

    Three mobile phone detected in Naufer`s cell

    This is the true face of GOSL..

    The criminals are sitting in the Parliament,instead of Jails, what else, we can expect from them..

    It is not a wonder,if they are keeping, hand grenade and AK-47 inside the jail as like in Colombian Jails..

    In Sri Lanka Jails..

    Criminals are given five star treatment..

    Criminals are allowed to go outside, with the help of Prison guards..

    They are given cell phones..

    Drugs and Mendis drinks, freely available..

    What else they want..

    So, Sri Lankan jails far better than Colombian Jails..

    Very soon, Sri Lankan Prison Guards, will supply girls for the criminals, inside the jails..Who knows..

    If they contact some of the JVP guys,they can easily do that..

    Because, Sri Lanka is ruled by bunch of corrupt idiots..

    What more they can give for their `Dharmista` country..

  • 10 Feb 2007 14:50:59 GMT

    What a match. Kangaroo legal system with a corrupt, impotent and incompetent enforcement system.

    Do they still teach law in SL or does every TDH buy a certificate from politicians?

  • 12 Feb 2007 10:10:24 GMT


    Police may be corrupt because of people like you who offer them bribes.........

    Start trying to help a policeman instead of ofering a bribe.

    Take into account numerous crucial detections made by the police despite the corruption allegations that hang over them .....

    Policing is a thankless job. Citizens should help the police to be better lawenforcers without criticizing them.

    there are alternative ways to help the average policeman to be better & its up to you & me.