What happened to tsunami aid from Venezuela? - JVP MP Vijitha Herath

  • 10 Feb 2007 03:54:47 GMT

    [ US dollars 6.2 million it had received from Venezuela as tsunami assistance. ]

    [with President Hugo Chavez launching the fund raiser and sent to Sri Lanka in mid July 2005 during former President Chandrika Kumaratunga`s term of government. ]

    [`A Venezuelan delegation was accompanied by the then Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse to Arugambay to survey the area after ]

    Here is your answer Vijitha.

    Total Aid = 6.2 Million USD.

    50% of that (3.1 Million) for Helping Horogolla.

    50% of that (3.1 Million) for Helping Hambanthota.

    Wonder NO MORE!! :) :)

  • 10 Feb 2007 06:06:51 GMT

    NO ! This government is not that generous. May be another account call GOBBLING HAMBANTOTA

  • 10 Feb 2007 07:03:49 GMT

    Typical of the JVP to think only of Venezuela. What about the other countries? How many billions?

  • 10 Feb 2007 09:12:12 GMT

    [What happened to tsunami aid from Venezuela? - JVP MP Vijitha Herath]

    A question to JVP.

    . Why now asking these question?

    . Tsunami came 2 years ago. What were you guys doing for last 2 years? ...having honeymoon with SLFP ?

    . Now honeymoon is over suddenly realise your share is gone...???

  • 10 Feb 2007 09:29:35 GMT

    How come this guy just remembered this. He could have got all the information when the two parties were in bed together.

    I am sure a few idiots will be saying our man is standing-up for the interest of the people.

  • 10 Feb 2007 09:32:29 GMT

    JVP`s honeymoon is not over, it just started: they better watch out when the white van comes around the next time.

  • 10 Feb 2007 12:03:14 GMT

    What happened to tsunami aid from Venezuela-JVP MP Vijitha Herath..

    Don`t worry Mr. Herath,It is in safe keeping,fixed deposit..

    When,you are with your Loving Mahinda`Aya` No questions about Tsunami..

    You are not included in the Jumbo-Jet..

    Now, you are coming like Tsunami..

    O,Yeah..you are in the other side side of Mahinda`Aya,now.?

    So,wait for your time..

    If you are with Chindana `gang`, like before,you have no guts to talk about anything..

    Only Boom,Boom, Baffaloes...Now

    You couldn`t get a ticket for the Jumbo flight..

    You are trying to throw mud on your old friends..

    For your information that money was given to `Helping Tootukudi`

  • 10 Feb 2007 17:35:54 GMT

    I think JVPers have been exposing corruption in the state during their times in the Cabinet,as ministers.That could be the reason for them not accepting any portfolios,a good gesture very much lacking these days,as any such gestures from any quarter should be welcomed,May they be from TNA,UNP,SLFP or even LTTE.Our problem is not ethnic but corruption and nepotism practiced by power hungry politicians.I remember one of them saying,that there will come a time again when they may be rounded up imprisoned again but they will be democratic.

  • 10 Feb 2007 23:33:41 GMT


    What is your take on this? Speak up.

  • 11 Feb 2007 01:55:23 GMT

    [Once upon a time our dear president was the Prime Minister, at that time he was poor, so he helped himself to a couple of millions & said he is going to use that to ` Help Hambantota `, he was caught red-handed trying to stash that in his brother`s account, now that he is in power, just immagine how much he will be stashing in accounts abroad in the names of his family members, when he retires or kicked out he can live like the great Sadam Hussain, not in Sri Lanka, may be in London or USA.]