Will Sri Lanka sign treaty against disappearances?

  • 8 Feb 2007 07:51:15 GMT

    GOSL will never sign such a treaty. Why? Cos it will be the first one to break it and also the GOSL is guilty of such crimes all along.

    Surely the supporters of the actions of the GOSL will never agree but the world knows the true nature of the GOSL and soon it will pay the price.

    It is not a good place to be ie. in the bad books of the UN and most western countries.

    Usually the rebels or the terrorist are the ones who will be asked to sign such a treaty , but in the case of SL it is the GOSL that is asked to sign the treaty.

    SLis a true terrorist state.

  • 8 Feb 2007 07:54:31 GMT

    Will Sri Lanka sign treaty against disappearances?

    Sri Lanka is the No.1 culprit in this subject..

    Still they couldn`t trace out the 50,000 Army personnel,disappear from duty...

    How can they find the others?

    Sri Lanka is not ready to sign anything like this..

    If,somebody pour money into their mouth,they will sing any dam thing..

    But some of the Ministers are highly worried about their chairs,will disappear very soon..lols

  • 8 Feb 2007 07:58:06 GMT

    No need to sign any of these agreement. Finish the terrorism in the country. Then will sign all the agreements. We need the freedom and space to work against terrorism. No need barriers.............. Will the USA going to sign???????????

  • 8 Feb 2007 07:59:24 GMT

    If Sri Lanka wishes to do so it will augn

    If not it will not sign

    I think we must leave it for the President to decide not the papers.

    Do not forget we are fight a terrorist led war.

    We have to support our leaders - who ever that may be and not the non elected paper editors

  • 8 Feb 2007 08:01:32 GMT

    Treaeaeaeaeaty ??? Sri Lanka???? Disapearances!!!

    With whom the gvt?

    Cant stop laughing!!!

  • 8 Feb 2007 08:07:20 GMT

    [Will Sri Lanka sign treaty against disappearances?]

    whatever treaty the USA do not sign srilanka do not sign also!

  • 8 Feb 2007 08:46:52 GMT

    Nice jokee..

    Blame the Media..what is wrong in broadcasting the TRUTH

    [`Sirasa` blamed for airing Anura`s statement

    (LeN-2007 Feb 07, 8.00pm) Government Defense Spokesperson Minister Keheliya Rambukwella told the media today that a special investigation is currently underway regarding the alleged threats on Minister Anura Bandaranaike.

    Rambukwella said the OIC of Bandaranaike`s security troops had informed the IGP in writing about the threats and that a statement will also be recorded from the Minister regarding the incident.

    Meanwhile, a high ranking official of the government had called and blamed the group director of the Maharaja Organisation Mano Wickremenayake about airing the relevant speech made by Bandaranaike on their television channels. The SSP of the Colombo crimes division Sarath Lugoda had visited the Organisation last night itself and collected the relevant CD saying it was needed for investigations.

    Anura Bandaranaike is expected to make a special speech in parliament tomorrow regarding this issue.]

  • 8 Feb 2007 08:50:32 GMT

    It seems like US is Sl`s role model.

    What a fantastic role model. Someone who the world loves for its fair play , honesty and most of all democracy.

    WOW. every SL must follow the example set by the US.

  • 8 Feb 2007 08:51:34 GMT

    Another sad Joke

    [A Hindu priest, Selliah Kurukkal Parameshwaran, the Chief Poosari of the Santhiveli Pilleyar Kovil, Batticaloa is seen putting holy ash on the forehead of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse during his visit to Vakarai, around 225 km (140 miles) northeast of Colombo, February 3, 2007. He was now shot and killed by the LTTE gunmen. - Daily News ]

    This is the wish of the tamils. Kill anyone if you dont like them.

    Never thought tamils were like this. But its a fact now.

  • 8 Feb 2007 08:58:46 GMT

    The US war on Terror. What a success. Iraq is the perfect example.

    The US lost 3000 people in 9/11 and they went to fight terrorism in the wrong place and lost another 3000 soldiers. And they still want to send in more soldiers.

    Iraq which was relatively peaceful is now a war zone and at the brink of civil war. They hanged Sadam in a cowboy style court which the world condoms .

    Soon SL will face the same fate if we are not careful.

    But still there are dummies in this country who believe the US is their Saviour.

    Remember one thing The US are Cristian`s and you are Buddhist and when it comes to the bottom line you are not going to get zilch from the US.