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Cops plan party for politico
Wednesday, 7 February 2007 - 3:55 AM SL Time

Seven Officers in Charge of different police stations in the Western Province (North) Range have organized a `Tamasha`, on the February 10, to entertain a highly influential ruling party Minister in order to seek his assistance to have the transfer of a senior police officer cancelled. Each of the seven OIC`s has been told by the senior officer on transfer to provide five bottles of whisky and a variety of bites for the booze party to which 150 of the politico`s henchmen and friends have been invited. When contacted, one of the OIC`s concerned said the reason for the Tamasha was to celebrate the police assisting the Dayaka Sabha of a well known Buddhist temple in a coastal town in the politician`s constituency to successfully conduct its annual procession.

The Deputy Inspector General of the Range denied any knowledge of the booze party.

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7 Feb 2007 17:46:53 GMT  Report for Abuse   
Who is to blame - the minister, the senior officer who was to be transferred or the three o i/c s? It is presumed the booze would have been taken as kappanm from small time shop keepers in the area of the spineless cops.
The IGP is silent because it is the 'done thing' in our police.
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