Jumbo Cabinet disgraceful: Sripathi

  • 2 Feb 2007 04:43:32 GMT

    Bunch of creeps!

  • 2 Feb 2007 09:10:46 GMT

    Mr.Sripathi Sooriyaarachchi you were one of those tirelessly campaigned for the victory for SLFP, you have a political future ahead, do not wait just wasting time, decide what to do, and act soon rather than too late.

  • 2 Feb 2007 10:39:30 GMT

    The whole Sinhala elitists exhibit their love of power and money even when their heads speaks their greed and the double standard of life.

    How else can one explain why even the Oxford educated liberals sold their conscience for power and plunged the country into irreversible and irreparable slippery slope.

    The elitist leaders sign MOUs and agreements ; make promises but annul them even before the ink dries on those priceless documents.

    They have a fortress built around them with emissaries and journalists to insure their continued bigotry and ensure the continued misery of the nation.

  • 2 Feb 2007 11:58:22 GMT

    Manamaali nam kethai. Pare behala ekka yannath lajjai. Eith

    machan, `dowry` eka gena hithala bendagatta.

  • 2 Feb 2007 12:12:04 GMT

    [Jumbo Cabinet disgraceful: Sripathi]

    Sripathi aiya,

    I agree. When people like you are in, anything becomes disgraceful.


  • 2 Feb 2007 13:07:49 GMT

    If you know and understand the bitter truth, why not show your guts and resign from your ministerial post and set an example for others. We are not fools Mr. Minister, you cannot deceive us, the ordinary masses any more.

  • 2 Feb 2007 14:03:49 GMT

    [Jumbo Cabinet disgraceful: Sripathi ]

    Dukata kiyana kathaa!

    Is this guy in this Jumbo Cabinet as well or was he left out of it?

  • 2 Feb 2007 15:36:59 GMT

    Hey SIRI-PATHI l-))))))

    How much disgraceful activities did u? Are you remember, Underworld leader Ami-ROSHAN? UR body guard?..///


  • 2 Feb 2007 16:23:00 GMT

    If its a disgrace then you should step down and support MR as an ordinary MP.

    However, that wont happen. All this talk is just MORE PUNNAKKU for the idiots.

    Ultimately the blame for all this goes to the voter who elects governments like this. MR fed PUNNAKKU and got elected. Now RW trying to do the same with UNP memmbership. Its only Natural a underworld thung like Sripathi trying the same `TESTED AND PROVEN` methodology on the idiots.

    People get the govts they deserve.

  • 2 Feb 2007 18:01:44 GMT

    All MP s, Ministers, Prime Minister and President should be Pro Bono Publico. What we are seeing in Sri Lanka is an utter chaos.