On the way to anarchy?

  • 31 Dec 2007 15:06:14 GMT

    Well written and well said. I also beleive that Sri Lanka is heading towards anarchy. The behaviour of the President in the Peter Hill Case and The thug Mervyn Silva`s case point in that direction. Fifty years ago when the first racial violenece broke out, the government stood by did nothing for about a week. That state of mind has grown like a mushroom and is threatening the whole social fabric. My heart bleeds when I read with sadness how the country is heading towards anarchy and total destruction.

    War is bad, war for 50 years is terrible. No country has ever benifitted from war. I hope People of Sri Lanka will come to senses soon.

    Subra S.Massey

    I left Sri Lanka 30 years ago and i built a 2 billion Rupee company in America. Imagine how many talented people Sri Lanka lost. Time to come to senses.

  • 31 Dec 2007 15:55:37 GMT

    Yes very well said by chief justice. Political interference is main cause of the problems including his appointment as chief justice by passing his seniors. Will cj answer for this.

    Kind regards

  • 31 Dec 2007 16:03:18 GMT

    Massey.....welcome to LNP

    yeah......there are thousands of talented sri lankans there....our system doesn`t get their talent in a proper way....wasted...

    take an example...myself....I have degree from a university abroad......I`m not sure where I can be right now if I have decided to continue studies in sri lanka.....my collegus in school (who were sometimes more talented than me)are strugling to meet the current CoL...they stopped their education in the middle to take care of their families...

    our system has to be corrected....

  • 31 Dec 2007 18:34:10 GMT

    Chief justice seems to go from town to town addressing people about law and order and other things and I would appreciate him very much if he address his own flock the judiciary,the judges in courts where so much injustice done where the court cases are dragged on endlessly by the corrupt lawyers.When people lose confidence in the justice system they resort to other illegal ways or there is a likely hood of people taking advantage to deny justice to others and bring chaos to the nation.politicians, top officials and moneyd people are the ones that take advantage of our flawed judicial system.Recent two events of Peter Hill and the Mervin the thug should have been dealt by a high court judge,whereby the unjust deportation and sacking of Mr hill could have been overruled and Mervin the thug would have been arrested.Failing Any court order would be a contempt of court,thus putting the BOI and the immigration officials in contempt and the IGP in contempt for that thug`s debacle.Courts can act as the guardians of the nation,putting the politicians in check and we will all support it.