Minister Mervyn Silva assaults Rupavahini News Director

  • 27 Dec 2007 08:21:23 GMT

    LankaeNews reports......

    the reason behind tha attack was that SLRC did not include his (very offensive language used speech - which cannot be telecast in a media.. - which he delivered in the presence of MR) speech in last night news......

    it reports that Mervin has used the most offensive words against Bandaranayaka` the presence of MR who didn`t even try to stop him.....

  • 27 Dec 2007 08:39:50 GMT

    Update :

    to settle the issue.......Media Minister Yapa has held several discussions with SLRC officials, chariman and Mervin.....

    He has told that Mervin should be arrested regardless of his name or position....etc

    I think, Yapa will lose his post soon....doesn`t he know that Mervin is a closest Henchmen for MR???

  • 27 Dec 2007 09:25:01 GMT

    [Rupavahini staff lays siege to Mervyn Silva

    [27-12-2007 2.30pm] Staff of the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation has cornered Labour Minister Mervyn Silva into a small room and laid siege after he assaulted SLRC News Director T.M.G. Chandrasekara this morning (Dec. 27th). Enraged staff has also switched off the air-conditioner of the room to bring him out.

    They are staging a demonstration demanding an apology and for his arrest.

    According to news staffer Rasika Gamage, Mervyn Silva and his armed henchmen had stormed the News Division and brutally assaulted Chandrasekara for failing to telecast footage of a speech by him that contained uncivilized language.

    He should tender a public apology to the SLRC staff, and he should be arrested and brought to book, Gamage said.

    The news staffer stressed that any attempt to curb the media freedom guaranteed by the ?Mahinda Chintana? would be fought with even life sacrifice.

    Minister Mervyn Silva may have played games with other media institutions, but he cannot mess about with our institution, Gamage said.

    Commenting on the harrowing experience he underwent, News Director T.M.G. Chandrasekara said that Mervyn Silva and his armed henchmen had stormed the Division at around 10.00 am.

    He demanded to know as to why his speech in Matara yesterday was not aired at the 10.00 pm news, then dragged me out and assaulted me, before my colleagues saved me from his clutches, Chandrasekara said.

    The minister also demanded the immediate sacking of the News Director, failing which, he vowed to bring down the SLRC building and take its keys home.

    Media Ministers Anura Priyadarshana Yapa and Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena rushed to the scene where there is a large police presence, including anti-riot personnel.

    All the SLRC staff has joined the demonstration, supported by the Free Media Movement, the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation and other media organizations

    Speaking here, Minister Abeywardena condemned the assault and said that the government is greatly inconvenienced by the incident.

    However, he said that he could not guarantee an apology from the guilty party.

    He also promised to take legal action against Mervyn Silva.

    This is not the first occasion that the Labour Minister had threatened and assaulted media institutions and personnel.

    However, the SLFP, to which he belongs, never took action against him, with the party?s Disciplinary Committee Chairman John Seneviratne saying that it was a personal matter of Mervyn Silva.

    At present, the SLRC premises are surrounded by his goon squads.

    Police Special Task Force commandos have also been called in to bring the minister out of his hole safely.

    However, the hostile SLRC staffers are preventing any moves to that end.

    According to our correspondent at the scene, they are demanding Mervyn Silva holds a media briefing where he tenders a public apology, and counting down time at every five intervals, failing which they will assault him.

    A thug who accompanied the Labour Minister has been hammered by the SLRC staff while another is in police custody. ]