Kidney patients forced to buy drugs from pharmacies

  • 26 Dec 2007 06:56:38 GMT

    [Kidney patients forced to buy drugs from pharmacies]

    Because the government does not have money. The 110 odd cabinet is getting 60% of the budget and 90% of the national budget is controlled by four brothers. Where is the money going???????????????

  • 26 Dec 2007 08:22:47 GMT

    [Because the government does not have money........]

    no man, they have plenty......but mis-used by the jumbo cabinet and Samagama

    You know that powerful officers (doctors, political henchmen....etc) with under-table deals with pharmacists are doing a well-managed smuggling drugs from government drug stores...

    so, how the government can provide medicine for poor public (they have even money...but no drugs in store)

  • 26 Dec 2007 11:55:09 GMT


    Those people get FREE dialsys treatment from the government hospitals.

    The government can`t affrd expensive drugs for all though.

    You are posting from some African country it seems... does Africans have free health care and free education?

    (I heard South African girls have to get insurance for expensive AIDS drugs in case they are being raped by HIV infected men...probably Sri Lankans working there :) :)

  • 26 Dec 2007 13:17:30 GMT


    I support your point of view...

    I think Sri Lanka is the only nation provides medical care free of charge (of course in heart or other major operations public have to pay a big amounts).....all of such developed countries force public to pay a respectible amount as medical insurance, but paying less care when they need it....

    we are proud to be srilankan`s in this regard (we have free medical care and education)......

    but, what we are really critisizing here Pera....budget has allocated a huge amount for medical care in sri lanka (throughout decades)....that amount is pretty good enaugh to take care of the poor public`s need of medical care.....but that amount is looted by such corrupt politicians and their henchmen....nothing reaches to the public......

    if you check our hospitals` drugs stock and inventory....there are evrything......but nothing there in the stock......looted by lot of, public have to head to pharmacies....

  • 27 Dec 2007 02:00:37 GMT


    Thanks for the reply.

    If you could not AFFORD a medical insurance you have to forget about medical treatments in most of the developed countries.

    In Sri Lanka, almost all the necessary medical care is provided free of charge.

    Yes, it is the corrupt politicians and ordinary people (work in the health ministry and the hospitals) steal the money allocated for the patient care.

    Sadly, it is not ONLY the politicians who steal. I remember Minister Fowzy setting up worst scandals and corruption in the health ministry few years ago! To match the politicians, accountants, clerks, store keepers, and all the people (yes, people like us!!) steal the money and medicine from hospitals.

    With all those shortcomings, Sri Lanka delvers the best possible medical care for its citizens free of charge.

    I am happy for the people involved (yes, non-corrupted ones from politicians to doctors to orderlies) who go out of their way to provide the best care possible!

    Perhaps we may see better day in future!

  • 27 Dec 2007 02:34:53 GMT

    We need health reforms to deliver better service to the public. Old system can not bring 21st century medical care to the country. One can not privatize the public sector in Health care but need to charge patients a little bit at least to improve overall quality of care. Quality medical care does not come free of charge. When N.M Perera was the finance minister he charged every patient 25cts, thirty years ago.

    OPD of National hospital Colombo sees approximately 3000 patients a day free of charge including dispensed medicine. If Rs 10 is being charged from each patient for the service the OPD provides, a revenue of close to 900,000 per month and 10 million a year .

  • 27 Dec 2007 04:46:07 GMT

    It is amusing to hear some people living in other countries talking about free health system in Slanka while enjoying advanced health care in those countries. Pera, Have you personally got medical free medical treatment from a government hospital????? Are you satisfied with the treatment???? Ask patients who join lines as early as 1.00am and still don`t get to see a doctor at a leading hospital like Kandy. At OPD, there is a stupid system. In fact, the most foolish system in the world. There are about 100 chairs at the OPD/casualty/emergency. When a patient come to the OPD/casualty or emergency, he/she sits on the last chair. As the patients move on, each one of them keeps moving 100 times unto the doctor. It is not that easy either. Hospital workers bring their kith and kin and get priority. Some of them book places and sell for R100. By the time real patient gets to see a doctor, he is either dead or more seriously sick.

    People living as far as 50 km in Kandy district have to come to general hospital to take a simple treatment like nubulizer, particularly at night. X,ray, ECG, are available at the general hospital only.

    Pera, I am not surprised that those who are drunk with rhetoric do not bother to learn about other countries outside their immediate neighborhood. For your information, where I live education up to university and health care including all treatment including high price drugs are absolutely free. There are more hospital beds than patients. Never ever has a patient has to sleep on the floor. More serious patients are given separate rooms. Eye patients are given glasses and frames free! Hospital food is supplied by the same catering company that is catering airlines and ships. At each district health center, there are nebulizers, xray, MRI, etc, etc. There are no lines to see doctors. Doctor patient ration is 1 to 300. What is the ratio in Slanka???? 1 to 5000!

    You know the difference. The national wealth is not looted by leaders like in Slanka. It is distributed in various ways. Public transport is a pleasure ride. No tickets, but use smart cards.

    Slanka is light years behind this island paradise which receives more tourists than its own population.

    Why charge patients a fee, when the tax money is looted by billions. What happened to the VAT Fraud of over R5b....????

    But, Slanka is still my country. I want the corruption to stop and fellow countrymen to get a better deal. That is my mission. I give credit where it deserves.

  • 28 Dec 2007 11:18:14 GMT


    My wife was treated by a serious surgery in Kandy and we used the facilities of the MRI in Kandy hospital and I was very pleased.That hospital has improved a lot since I last went there in 1973.When this very illness and surgery was performed to a close friend of mine in a well known hospital in London,complication that set in gave that poor man an infection and massive stroke,where he was paralyzed could not speak and died in the most miserable way.I am glad that the same illness happened to my wife in SL last August and had the attention of many doctors with different fields and they were good enough to test for the Bactria that was responsible and the appropriate antibiotic was given to save her life and if she had this illness in UK,she would have really died.Her GP in London never bothered to look at the tests and reports that was earnestly and painfully taken in SL,in fact the Doctor said that she could give her only5 minutes.With all the problems in SL,the human touch of are people is unmatched elsewhere.So sorry for people who can`t afford the medicines.

  • 28 Dec 2007 11:54:08 GMT

    Justman, I believe you. I never said that our doctors are bad. What i said was that facilities are really third world. Kandy is a big general hospital. Small hospitals are not getting any attention. Then all big hospitals are crowed like private buses. Nepotism is at its worest. YOu may have been lucky or with some money got the treatment. But one of my uncles died waiting for a pacemaker for 5 years. Another, relative died for want of a operation in her goldbladder. When she was hospitalised, there were 3 patients sleeping on the same bed.

    With all the tax money, government should be able to give a better service and facilities. If you saw the general hospital in this country, you would call it a star hotel. Human touch is remarkable. Doctors and nurses are very helpful. Not only that, when a patient calls for an ambulance from any part of the country, it is sent to their doorstep to pick up. Then the treatement, absolutely free. If the medical personnel could not handle the case, government pays to send the patient to an overseas hospital like in India or singapore.

    But I know very well, that in slanka some expensive treatements are not given to old aged patients cos they are going to die anyway. For example, pacemaker. Even expensive drugs even if they are available are not given to some old aged patients, unless they are connected. Slankan health system is not for free for those who need it.

  • 29 Dec 2007 05:03:08 GMT

    [If you saw the general hospital in this country, you would call it a star hotel. Human touch is remarkable. Doctors and nurses are very helpful. Not only that, when a patient calls for an ambulance from any part of the country, it is sent to their doorstep to pick up. Then the treatement, absolutely free. If the medical personnel could not handle the case, government pays to send the patient to an overseas hospital like in India or singapore.]

    Which country do you live?