SriLankan given ample notice on President`s travel plans

  • 23 Dec 2007 21:24:51 GMT

    Maybe MR gave notice

    but this is clearly a busy season,

    we found that out,

    and the planes were full

    to clear 35 seats,would have stranded many paying passengers

    the president could have gone alone

    let the other non essential ,unimportant people, fly via Dubai

    or stay in London and collect more bribes

    take some from the Tamil terrorists,

    pretend to be karunas friend,

    find the location of the money

    grab half and then

    buy a couple of cheap MIG s for Ukraine or still cheaper from Russia[not the old, discarded guns from USA,

    not even used for its melt down value]

    notice or not

    the trip was unessential

    waste to see a kid graduating[who may even not have reached the grades]

    the travel wit large retinues, has reached epic, stupid proportions

    they are learning from CBK[but she had friend who gave her everything[all she had to do was to devalue, to nothing, a golf course, give a few trillion rupees, and write it as 50 million[wont buy 10 perches, =2400 sq feet, and who pays for th rest of 35 to 60 acres x 160 at 3 to 5 million a perch? that is math and accounting for you ,my friends, try this area and see whether you can get a golf course size property for rs54 million, not even dollars.Even Jana cannot go that cheap, yes the whole peninsula.

    then this mihin air

    who pays for the losses?

    one jet was chartered and apparently flew empty, thousands of miles

    and this would surface, in a post presidency evaluation,

    during the prosecution for crimes[any one who tries now would be murdered, burnt in a tire, tied to a lamp post, or heart cut out and fed to the family, compliments JVP at peak of terrorism,

    or maybe granted visa to Norway, UK, Canad, Australia, maybe even USA, if India refuses.

    it is not kosher, MR and all r`s

    this clearly spells or smells of abuse

    you should travel economy, discounted

    and all others should pay or stay at home,

    this is paradise

    or are you emulating CBK or Queen Anula or Marie Antoinette or Putin, Amin, Saddam,Bush, Benny Hinn[famous 35000 dollar Saturday night, in London, as god told him to do]

    and many such examples from history

    once you get used to arrogant excesses,

    retreat is impossible

    greed and thanha takes over

    like the many natives, who though they were gods and immortal,

    and wanted permanent dynasty, tried to stay in power , for eve rand ever[without ever understanding the meaning of infinity and finite nature of life]

    and the clear, time limited, power of elected and appointed officials

    they all get replace, thrown out,

    displaces or disgraced

    or eliminated by their own friends or relatives

    and our recent history shows clearly

    there were no outstanding leaders,

    only some who were less corrupt

    less dangerous than other

    less deceitful

    all parties accuse the others of all these corrupt practices, in parliament[there is some Truth in this ,may not be absolute, but it must be true, as collateral evidence, lends support to this]

    then comes a new generation, who

  • 23 Dec 2007 21:37:30 GMT

    Fairness should be equal to everyone. Who the hell is Mahinda? Won his election from bribing LTTE. Should we give priority to him in the air plane letting others wait for the days for the other flight. These Ambuda( ancient sinhalese underwear for men) wearing,non-English speaking, Sarong wearing president of Sri lanka, should travel too much? Specially to the West part of the world. He should travel to China, Afganistan, Arab countries and Africa, such countries that have been anachronistic and hate Western tradition and religion, but love Western priviledges and money. After being president, he traveled all over the world from people`s money. Is it his hobby? Of course he might say he traveled for goverment purposes. No any other presidents have travelled this much. First of all he must be aware that he is from Galle-Matara area. He was hiding 17 years of UNP regime in Galle. Why all this travelling and craving for luxurious life now. Seems like a fox became a king in the jungle when there are no lions around.Mahinda is abusing the pirviledges, freedom and public funds. Stop playing with poeple`s money. Utilise them for poor citizens of Sri lanka. Focus on the development of the country. Mahinda don`t need luxury cars like Aston Martin from England. Buy a Morris Minor car. Why all this corruption from your family? Mahinda`s all family became ministers, and more yet to come. Have a class and do for the poor people. Bring poor people to the middle class. Change the lives of the poor people. That what is `Your Priority` according to my knowledge.

  • 24 Dec 2007 07:14:31 GMT

    WelDone Sri Lankan executives.........why didn`t he take his own MihinLanka to carry his fat belly and the jumbo delegation..

    I`m sure that if only MR is going to travel, Sri Lankan will take him on board at any cost.....but how can they evacuate all the passengers to get the whole jumbo delegation on board....after all MR, his wife and the whole delegation traveled their to see MR`s son`s pass out from the navy acadamy (forget about how he was selected to have such scholarship........)

    finally........SriLankan`s head`s visa was cancelled as a punishment............IATA and other international aviation governing bodies should interfere......let teach this Motta Rala a lesson

  • 24 Dec 2007 07:26:28 GMT

    You have done the right thing Mr President

  • 24 Dec 2007 12:01:48 GMT


    I am sorry to disagree with you,where the head of our state should be compared with other countries where there are privileges to the head.It is true in failed states in the third world that this could happen,where the man in the street is nobody and the privileges are there for the ruling minority.In developed and advanced countries,even the head of the state plays by the rules and is accountable to it`s people.Mr Hill is given the responsibility to run the national airline to his best.That means the fare paying customers get the priority and if the politicians interfere with it`s running,then they will be forced to vacate their posts.This kind of practice is never heard in developed countries and it`s outrageous and we must not support this kind of behavior.

  • 24 Dec 2007 18:14:47 GMT

    Nation of 23rd Dec. throws more light into this episode.

    [`The government had apparently requested the seats two weeks in advance, according to a senior SriLankan Airlines official`.]

    [`Admitting that the government has priority in such a scenario, the official revealed that five seats were offered to the government from Heathrow`.]

    [?After December 6, SriLankan was made to understand verbally and in writing that the people coordinating the President?s return would make alternate arrangements`.]

    [By then Mihin was getting ready to fly the President and the flight plan was being filed with the British authorities and refueling arrangements were being made since Mihin would be flying over Dubai and Turkey.]

    [The government had also been offered 18 Business Class seats on an Emirates flight from Gatwick, via Dubai, which had been rejected.]

    [?Tickets issued prior to departure for the entire delegation booking were for Colombo-Tokyo-London, not Colombo-Tokyo-London-Colombo. It was a staged event for Mihin to be the saviour,? the source pointed out.]

    [Meanwhile, it is not clear whether the alternates offered by SriLankan Airlines were clearly communicated to the President. ?The President has been misled. I think Sajin Vass Gunawardena is trying to prove a point,? the source pointed out.]

    [The move by the President is all the more baffling in that it is under Hill?s leadership that the airline has been able to record a profit at a time when profit budgets are being wiped out by high fuel prices, which have sent airlines reeling. The profit forecast for March 2008 is US$ 15 million.]

    [Meanwhile, the chartered Mihin Lanka A320 aircraft flew virtually empty to London via Dubai and Istanbul last week in order to accommodate the President and his delegation.]

    [Ironically, in an earlier incident, Hill and his wife Janaki, who were on their way back from their honeymoon, were downgraded by SriLankan Airlines when a Presidential entourage blocked out 12 seats on UL Flight No. 502 from London.]

  • 25 Dec 2007 03:09:41 GMT

    Why can`t MR too have a separate presidential plane like the US president with all offices, secretariat, etc, etc built in the plane?

    The latest Airbus 380 may suit his need I suppose until the science advances with much more bigger and more sophisticated air craft.

    This will save innocent passengers from being thrown out of their cabbin at the last moment.

    Because he always travel with soooomany fellows a separate plane is the only answer.