`In times of war, the law falls silent` ? Not always

  • 8 Dec 2007 12:14:16 GMT

    The SC order has been misinterpreted by the grade 8 passed idiots in the police and the confounded people in the defence administration.

    The background to the whole saga was the wrongful arrest of a guy at the Polhengoda Police Checkpoint on a fabricated charge of having a forged DL when the guy refused to part with an air freshner that was on the dashboad of his mini van which one of the police officers at the check point wanted.

    The guy sued for wrongful arrest and the violation of fundamentle rights claiming damages when after three days in remand he was released by the police saying the DL was not forged.

    The ultimate order was made against the 3 police officers responsible for the wrongful arrest to pay 75,000 each to the guy and in the judgment there were the comments made by the CJ with the other two judges aggreing that checkpoints were useless as had been admitted by the IGP himself, and that the purposes of checkpoints were to detect undesireable elements and not to harass people nor were they places for the police or the forces to throw their weight around innocent people.

    Nowhere in the judgement has it been `Ordered` that all checkpoints have to be removed.

  • 8 Dec 2007 14:40:32 GMT

    It is only in SL all these human rights groups and NGOs shouting at the government.USA is also backing these people together with UK to say us about human rights.The British Psychological society complained to American counterpart about the legal using of Psychologists in torturing prisoners in Guantanamo camp in Cuba(USA territory)and also in many eastern European country prison camps secretly maintained by the USA.(The Psychologist,August 2007)Under Tony Blair`s regime CIA flights from Afghanistan and Iraq secretly landed in UK for refelling and for other purposes.Most of the newspapers in UK even published photos of CIA planes landing at military airports.

    What the USA say is for the security reasons and for the defense of their country from terrorism they can take harsh steps and change the rules of Psychological society.

    Does anybody thinks all these human rights people are like toads in the well and don`t know what their masters are doing in the USA and in the UK?.I really doubt it.

  • 8 Dec 2007 15:32:50 GMT

    When has the LAW ever been upheld in the banana republic!

  • 8 Dec 2007 16:10:43 GMT

    [Checkpoints in the city disappeared following Monday`s Supreme Court ruling. The public who had to undergo untold hardships]

    good move but , the sinhalese cant tolerate the hardship so the check points in colomno removed , but Tamils in North and East , even to pass from one house to another have pass through check points , some time they have walk miles to pass check point in fact the army dont allow them use a while or bicycle , forced to walk , even for emergency they have to wait at the check point , many cases reported while waiting in the check point patients die , GoSL a Sinhalese government for Sinhalese !

  • 9 Dec 2007 03:19:23 GMT


    You are absolutely right about what the US and UK preach and what they practice. Human rights violations in SL are not even pin pricks compared to what Israel does in Palestine but Israel is not only shielded by the US but also rewarded with annual Aid in excess of $ 3.0 billion! Real hypocrites, these Americans.

  • 9 Dec 2007 06:39:53 GMT

    I`m against removing check points wholly....there should be check points (but not as much we had in 2007).....and all vehicles passing by, wizout exceptions, should be checked .........