Towards a new trade union culture

  • 6 Dec 2007 10:50:39 GMT

    [Trade unions must stick to the time honoured tradition of discussions to resolve their problems instead of launching strikes at the drop of a hat. Strikes should be a last resort. The time has indeed come for a new trade union culture in Sri Lanka that honours these principles. ]

    Those principles have to apply equally to Employer groups. Dismissals should be as a last resort and not at the drop of a hat. To the extent employers dismiss arbitrarily, they have earned the karma of strikes.

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam - Australian Tamil

  • 7 Dec 2007 04:38:55 GMT

    TRADE UNIon culture should not develop as one which is mutually antagonistic to the employer and vice versa.

    They should build a good relationship. Because, what ever you do over the time, you won`t be better off because of the wages and you will be at the same place.

    Trade Unions in Developed countries tried to change that and the result was companies simply became difficult to manage. That resulted companies such as General Motors laying off 1000s of employees to cut down their expenses including health budget, Other companies contracting out manufacturing and all of those affected the employees themselves that the UNION tried to help.

    SO, JVP and Trade unions must remember about the mutual need of the each other.

  • 7 Dec 2007 09:09:51 GMT

    [Sri Lanka`s health indices are often on par with those of the developed world. This is an envious record for a Third World country. Sri Lanka`s superb performance in the health sphere can be attributed to a superior healthcare system run by the Government]

    It was not long ago that Daily News reported that for a population of over 20m people, there was not a single Cardiac specialist in public hospitals and a countless number of children suffering from cardiac problmes were dying. Then there are countless number of mistreatements of patients at the hand of arrogant health workers including doctors and nursers, often resulting in death or permenent incapacity. There is no action taken against them due to trade union action.

    It is time to treat health professional as a group above law and let them have own way and take people`s lives to ransom. Beat them up with clubs and chains and see that they work. Any tough measures taken by authorities will be welcome. Health workers have taken us for fools for a long time.