Only 100 still in custody - Police

  • 5 Dec 2007 14:45:53 GMT

    [Mediwaka said that relations brought food for the detainees and the police also helped them. They were not harassed in any way]

    Any independent person to verify or substantiate this claim?

    We all have to understand that the lives of innocents in the South are in jeopardy. 99% of the Tigers are Tamils and it is the Tigers who are blowing themselves up in the South targeting civillians. How are the forces to distinguish between a tamil civillian and an LTTE cadre mingling among civillians?

    The forces however should have proper techniques in place to see that the detainees are not illtreated. Any one detained should be provided the basics needs of a human being such as food, water and habitable confinement. Failure to do so would be simply making each and every innocent tamil a dangerous Tiger!

  • 5 Dec 2007 23:14:59 GMT

    100 still is a large number. I wonder whether there is even one terrorist among them. The way things are done all will be LTTE sympathizers and later they will become LTTE carders. The Government should take the responsibility.