Govt. awaits APRC proposals to seek political solution

  • 26 Nov 2007 15:43:30 GMT

    Roshan2007. they the APRC will make proposals I am sure of that, but a separate state within one country will not be

    included.We all have to face facts.The country will not

    and never be divided.But, a power sharing and racial discrimination will be surely some of the main points where

    they will have to be carefully tailored to suit all communities/religions.

    I honestly feel is that the state should introduce a

    new law to prohibit religious groups from interfering in

    state matters.These groups can sound their voices through their area political members and be debated in Parliament in a decent,fair and a gentlemanly manner without verbal or physical threats.

    The APRC should also find ways and means to support the livelihood of the peoples (all religions) who have been displaced, robbed of their lands and jobs and whatever they have lost.

    Both the GOSL and the LTTE will have to work hand in hand

    and see that these are met.Having a peaceful settlement without a clear motive will only lead to another war.

    I think all the people of Sri Lanka have had enough of

    the WAR and we should never again repeat this type of

    behavior ever again.At least for the sake of the present

    and future generation of our loved ones.