Eelam and Indian Security: Averting a Catastrophe

  • 16 Nov 2007 17:50:19 GMT

    For a moment do not plan to ruin the Sri Lanka soil by supporting the ruthless killers who went even to kill the very people who helped them(1 is Rakjiv Ghandi-proving Retribution) as Sri Lanka is the only Country for SINHALESE.If peace is necessary, pl fall in line with the correct thinking of living in harmony with the majority race to avoid any confrontations.

  • 16 Nov 2007 18:06:40 GMT

    Lol. sounds like someone`s sucking someone`s donger here. tamils are very good at that anyway. but all the sucking in the world cant bring back rajiv.

  • 16 Nov 2007 21:35:34 GMT

    LTTE must explain the meaning of freedom to the tamils such as


    1.We will kidnap your kid s and get them killed

    2.We will force most tamils to die for us

    3.We will kill interlectuals , academics and the education in general

    4. We will kill any traitor tamil who questions our grade 8 drop out ? our leader

    5.We will take tamil economy, industry back to stone age

    6.It is a crime to have a mobile phone in the land of freedom

    7 Because we are fearless we will hide behind tamil women, children and the elderly like in Varakai

    8. We will squeeze you in every way

    9. After this when you are completely destroyed as in Tsunami we will steal money meant for you

    10. As our leader has said we will make sure that you tamils will suffer

    11. Due to immense freedom we give we will let you open your mouth to eat

    12.In the name of freedom we will take every freedom known to mankind away from you

    13.We will suck every tamil drop of blood as we don?t simply care two hoots

    After this make sure you enjoy the freedom !

  • 17 Nov 2007 00:00:32 GMT

    Minorities must be left alone to determine their future.

  • 17 Nov 2007 00:04:36 GMT

    Tamils need no patronage from Sinhala racists.

    believed and trusted Sinhala rulers hoping they would give Tamil official status.

    When Sinhala Only was forced upon the minorities all the peaceful protests were met with high handed military oppression resulting in anti-Tamil riots and pogroms.

    They were dumbed in schoolls and temples in the South to be shipped to North and East.

    Tamils are held ransom in the South to ensure no large scale attack against occupied army taked place in the North.

    Tamils are not prepared to be fooled any longer.

    Tamils do not like bombing and killing. They don`t want unitary state or District Councils. They are intelligent enough to know how their enemy is.

    They must be left alone to determine their future, no colonisation, colonialism or ethnic cleansing is tolerated any more.

  • 17 Nov 2007 03:07:29 GMT

    Rajapakse thinks that he can crush the LTTE militarily and impose a dictated peace on the Tamils,` Raman says.

  • 17 Nov 2007 09:12:21 GMT

    TULF & Indira Gandhi bred and brought up LTTE and other Tamil militant groups in 1970-1980s. What they got back. TULF members and Rajiv Gandhi were assassinated by blood hounds of LTTE. No mention of that. This country is of Sinhalese. Most of Tamils living in Sri Lanka were brought down by Dutch & British as Coolies. Good part braved the Palk straight (Kallathoni). Go back to Tamil nadu and leave us to live in peace.

  • 17 Nov 2007 18:33:03 GMT

    If this is an indication of the way LTTE and its support base thinks right now,the situation remains hopeless.

    The theory that a section in tamil nadu and Kerala holds grudges against LTTE is as ridiculous as the story of north indians being against south indians.

    This is not us against them. Atleast in the long run.