What`s up Rathu Sahodarayas` sleeve?

  • 14 Nov 2007 21:52:14 GMT

    JVP - bunch of idiots

  • 15 Nov 2007 02:53:22 GMT

    Jvp they are to deciding power of the nation wether to drive it for a ethiopia or somalia otherwise people will decide wether they are the curse of the land or glade of it.


    you thinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng annnnnnnnnd doooooooooo

  • 15 Nov 2007 02:57:46 GMT

    If Mahinda mama dissolves the Perliment, JVP will have only 8 seats in the next parliment!


  • 15 Nov 2007 03:26:01 GMT


    Shall we dissolve Parliament??

  • 15 Nov 2007 03:35:42 GMT

    [What is the JVP`s actual game plan? There is much more to the JVP than meets the eye. Only the nave may believe it is what it pretends to be through its public face, the parliamentary group.]

    Every political party has their own agenda (or *Game Plan* as used by the Editor). To that matter, not only political parties, *Maranaadhaara Samithis* too have their agendas. That is common sense. As such, what is more nave to me is using such a common knowledge in an exaggerative tone to caste doubts among readers about JVP (unless it is something the editor figured out recently). For me, that in essence is a cheap scare mongering tactic. In plain English, any criticism about JVP over the doctrine they follow is understandable, especially given that doctrine itself has passed its use by date several decades ago. However, criticizing JVP for running on their own agenda shows nothing but the naivety of the Editor.

    [It may call for the annihilation of the LTTE but when the war enters a crucial phase, it ensures that the LTTEis not eliminated. In the late 1980s, when the IPKF was fighting the LTTE, which was holding out with just only 1,400 cadres, the JVP ratcheted up its killing spree in the South demanding that the IPKF be sent back.]

    It seems that Editor is giving more proof for his naivety in addition to his hilarious discovery of the *Game Plan*. In fact, this Editor has previously been asked several times to read JN Dixit`s *Assignment Colombo* which gives a clear insight to the true motives behind the deployment of IPKF. They did not come here to curb separatism on behalf of the Sri Lankan government (if Editor thinks so, it will add one more to the growing list of examples showing his naivety). They came here to setup a solution that is acceptable to both separatist elements among Sri Lankan Tamils and their counterparts in South India, and not to setup a solution acceptable to Sinhala masses. If not for the stupidity and *sole representative mentality* of Prabhakaran, no confrontations would have broken out between IPKF and LTTE. That said, if the Editor believes that such a confrontation could have driven Indians away from their *Game Plan* (yes, Indians too had a Game Plan) it would add one more to that growing list that I mentioned above.

    If Editor is keen to get some insight to the *Game Plan* of Indians, it is good if he can read how Indians reacted to a request made by then President JR Jayawardena to Brigadier Jayaratne of SLA to hand over a captured LTTE leader Pulendran to Colombo. It is reported that an IPKF Commanding Officer called Rodriguez has personally threatened Brig. Jayaratne saying that any attempt to air lift Pulendran from Palali would be blocked using BMG Armoured Vehicles!! It is also good if the Editor can read how General Kalkat, the supreme commander of IPKF, once threatened Sri Lankan forces admitting that he would not hesitate to attack them in any attempt to come out of their barracks. This is a history which any Editor can find in contemporary material, if they wish to make a generous effort in that regards.

    To be fare, this should never mean that IPKF never wanted to destroy LTTE. However, what is sure is that they never wanted to end separatism (which in essence is the one that is most important to us, not LTTE). What appears is that their *Game Plan* was to replace LTTE with another separatist militant outfit (like EPRLF). It would have been a matter of time EPRLF (or any other outfit like TNA, i.e. Tamil National Army) becoming another LTTE, provided LTTE itself is something created by Indians (and not because of special capability of Prabhakaran).

    On the other hand, JVP and DJV started their offensives against the UNP regime well before July 1987 and they voiced against any Indian intervention even before they landed. What happened after that was their killing spree just gathered some pace. Besides, the usual argument in this regards is that JR had to resort to IPKF to take care of Tamil militants for he had to deploy Sri Lankan forces to curb JVP insurgency in the down south. I wonder how Editor would fit that argument in to the picture he painted. In one hand, Editor says that IPKF was welcomed because the Sri Lankan Forces had to be deployed in the down south to curb insurgents. He also admits that IPKF had done great job destroying LTTE. Interestingly, Editor simultaneously argues that JVP has demanded IPKF`s withdrawal in a bid to save LTTE. Is this not wired. If JVP wanted to save LTTE, then why did they lead a situation in the down south knowing that it could pave its way for a deadly force like IPKF to be deployed in Sri Lanka threatening the existence of their friends LTTE!!

    [The JVP is right in demanding that UN intervention be prevented.]

    I wonder if the Editor would have said the same when this issue was first surfaced several months ago (i.e. before Louise Arbor`s visit). At that time, people of the nature of Editor criticized JVP saying they are again eying to stage a chaos like the one they orchestrated during the deployment of IPKF. For some unknown reasons editor no longer view JVP`s opposition against any possible UN intervention as a part of a *Game Plan*. Amazing..huh!!

    [The JVP knows it has no future in the democratic mainstream.]

    JVP used to resort to terrorist acts and for some reason or the other, they have abandoned such tactics, and have entered the mainstream democratic politics. That is a commendable development we all should feel happy about. Any one (i.e. any Editor) who casts doubts about JVP`s future in democratic politics, contributes JVP to rethink bout the decision they made to enter democratic politics. What should have done is giving whatever it takes for them remain in democratic process. Interestingly, these are the very people who demand LTTE to enter mainstream democratic politics. What is the message they pass on to LTTE by admitting that former militant organizations like JVP have no future in democratic politics!!



  • 15 Nov 2007 03:43:20 GMT

    Loku ayyalata gahana kota kade yana punchi malliyata ridila.

    Paw neda?


  • 15 Nov 2007 04:00:34 GMT

    [It is only wishful thinking that Rathu Sahodarayas can go it alone at a general election and retain the present number of seats or win more.]

    True. It is very unlikely they will get more than 10 seats at any Parliamentary election.

    I wonder whether they can do any worse than the `democratic` UNP or SLFP who had been in power since independence. The country needs a change away from the UNP and SLFP if it were to move forward. Both parties have miserably failed and they are quite capable of even worse misrule and mismanagement.

  • 15 Nov 2007 04:08:04 GMT

    What`s up Rathu Sahodarayas` sleeve?

    Perhaps a condom. Not a male one but a female one because they know they are going to get royally screwed very soon.

    It will be like what happened to NM in 1977.


  • 15 Nov 2007 04:13:44 GMT

    Rathu Sahodaraya`s getting Dilute.

    if any further Cross overs,JVP will again rise as a power block.

  • 15 Nov 2007 04:15:26 GMT

    JVP is supported and funded by Indian intelligence agency RAW. Remember how Somawansa Amarasinghe was smuggled to India by RAW in a boat then sent to U.K. during the time Premadasa was hunting him down.