Programme launched to save revenue spent on fuel

  • 14 Nov 2007 14:46:01 GMT

    Tax, tax, tax...

    tax to re-cycle, tax on tax.

    even toilet tax..

    where are all buffaloes who voted Motta Rala, gone now.

  • 14 Nov 2007 15:19:35 GMT

    Should cut down petrol on Govt.vehicles that are used even to go to the market! If they are working for the programme,

    they should show use public transport as much as possible.

    People who introduce these new laws should so an example!

  • 15 Nov 2007 02:32:40 GMT

    You fools taxes are required not only to stuff the ministers pockets. We need roads, we need schools and we need hospitals. Above all we need clean water and clean air to live. Just be informed that the so called business community pays only 20% of what is due. Do you realise that a Pradeshiya Sabha charge only Rs.3.00 for a vacant 30 purchase land in any Colombo suburb ? (Just out side CMC limits). Without knowing the numbers just shouting will pull the country further down...

  • 15 Nov 2007 03:27:43 GMT

    Why dont they thing to appoint a minister for that also....

  • 15 Nov 2007 03:33:51 GMT

    Dera friend, dont be a forg in a well just go round and see what is other worlds.

    is these type of taxes nescessary to develop a country?

    study the reality.... are we not worsting all our ....

    specially the rulers they....

  • 15 Nov 2007 07:33:33 GMT

    Every year thousands of liters illegally pumped out by political supporters and is happening today too.It is a truth and I can prove and some of them are under world war loads.

    Ministers, MPs local Govt members and basically every Govt. employed worker in Sri Lanka rob from the Government.Many don`t because they don`t have opportunity.There are rare gems and my target is not them.

  • 16 Nov 2007 11:25:54 GMT

    The existing laws are quite enough to clamp down on rowdy drivers and un-roadworthy vehicles. The issue in SL is that there is no efficient authority to enforce the existing rules of the road, or enforce anything for that matter. Anyone seems to get away with anything, unless he is a semi-innocent guy caught with half a bottle of local brew.

  • 16 Nov 2007 13:12:37 GMT

    [The programme will begin from April 2008. A fee of Rs. 200 will be charged for motor bicycle testing and the amount will increase according to the capacity of the vehicle tested. For a heavy truck, it will be Rs. 850. The vehicle owners have to renew the licence annually by testing the vehicles.]

    This is a solution for stooges politicians to make some money. To make money these stooges going to approve any vehicle for little bit of pagawa.

    This is not the solution to the problem. If gov want to reduce the fuel consumption indroduce proper Mass Transport methods. Develop train. A Metro railway. Buid roads. If new roads built Katunayake to Colmbo trip could be done 30 minutes. ( 50Km @ speed of 100Km/sec). Currently it would take 1.5 hours.

    This solution is like koheda yanne Malle pol.