Peace mission postponed

  • 10 Nov 2007 19:33:09 GMT

    When the land is on fire these people try to light cigars.This is not a problem of leadership.This we had for

    last 30-40 years.Ranil also hailed heroes who killed Tamilselvam.

    Good olden days many of our Sinhalese Buddhist kings wage war against foreign invaders and evaporate them to dust.Buddhism never teach coward ism as ILVUSRILANKA suggest.This country cannot be divided.Is very small and even if divided LTTE will never satisfied with the boundaries. Sometime ago during the LTTE`s hay days I saw their claimed land boundaries.It extend up to Kataragama from Jaffna!!

    What we have to do is force them to negotiation by military measures.

  • 10 Nov 2007 20:39:14 GMT

    There is no point talking peace with people who do not know the meaning!

    Peace was at the tips of the fingers of VP during the UNP regime.

    But we know from Karuna that he never wants peace !. He said that VP wanted CFA to buy time and to send his kids abroad (his selfishness is beyond belief)!

    Bala and Tamilselvam negotiated for federal solution with the UNP regime. Then surprise , surprise who stopped it !!

    Top stop peace when the GOSL wanted to do every thing it could can any one remember asking for

    - Navy escort

    -then Airforce plane

    -then sea plane etc etc just to have a meeting !!!

    Despite GOSL giving every thing possible, still VP stopped it at 11th hour when people were boarding the plane!!

    This man can survive only if there is war! Any idiot would have known if MR came to power, war was a possibility. Surprise, surprise, what has happend?

    And who prevented people voting for this to happen???

    So, the question is does he know the meaning of peace???

    Peter Voke- Times defence analyst says- If not for VP , Sri lanka will have peace.


  • 10 Nov 2007 21:38:07 GMT

    The simple truth is, Sinhala racist politicians are still using the race card to win elections and hold on to power.

    Tamil politicians had used racist card in 1977 to win elections but they can`t use the race card now but Sinhala politicians are still using the race card.

    Ordinary Sinhala and Tamil masses ,they want peace and they can live in peace and harmony any where.

    Our politicians were and are deadly cancers in our society, and the cancers have reached the incurable stage.

    Ranil and UNP could not be able to save their Government from CBK, How could UNP have delivered a federal solution to the national problem.