Prabhakaran has no one to blame but himself

  • 5 Nov 2007 15:45:30 GMT

    It is not long ago that Tamilselvam warned the GOSL of terror attacks to economic targets after the fall of the East. In my opinion the LTTE made two mistakes, failed attack on the Head of the Army and the recent attack on the SLAF.

    What the LTTE has failed to realize is the moral of the forces which is due to the support from the GOSL and the public. There triumphs are recognized and are no longer a military which is fighting with one hand tied. The more they are attacked harder the retaliation. I guess VP will need to rewrite the Hero`s day speech he wrote after the attack on the SLAF and the army base in Yala. He is fast losing credibility as a leader of the terror group. It wont be long before he to is a skinned tiger.

  • 5 Nov 2007 16:09:56 GMT

    It is true. What will [NOT HAPPEN] is that the LTTE will give up arms or agree to any power sharing agreement with the Government for the LTTE has shown by its deeds as well as by its words that it will [not agree] to sharing power with any person or organization [even if they are Tamils.]

  • 5 Nov 2007 17:21:47 GMT

    Hope at least GOSL will not fall to a white flag trap as we had seen in the past. Cowards often came to peace talks, when they were cornered. Finish this virus soon and for good.

  • 5 Nov 2007 19:20:50 GMT

    I believe we can win the war. Can we win the heart, mind and goodwill of the Tamil people ?

  • 6 Nov 2007 02:48:06 GMT

    This is the result of 100 years of Tamil - political extremism Since the Day that British Colonial claimed that they are going to have elections for Sri lanka.

    For 30 years Tamil - political extremists brain washed us. Because of that we talk about political solutions and that and this.

    Tamils had oppression because of the CASTE problem. At present, even India claim very often and try to counter act the oppression caused caste problem.

    Sinhala oppression was counteracted with the economic development. That was the only ADVANTAGE we can see with the COlonial influence in Sri Lanka. They empowered so called low castes over the Radala - Wallawas and the GOvigamas.

    Other than that until the INdependance in 1948, Sinhala people were the Most affected.

  • 6 Nov 2007 03:00:11 GMT

    Prabakaran is to blame for the ethnic problem in Sri Lanka

    1. Sinhala Only Act that created it - blame VP

    2. Anti-Tamil riots - blame VP

    3. 5 Agreements were torn off by the successive SL govt -blame VP

    4. Rajiv Gandhi, Premadasa, SWRD Bandaranayake killed - blame VP

    5. Thamil Chelvan killed - blame VP

    6. Karuna seeking asylum in UK - blame VP

    7. 400,000 women working in Middle East - blame VP

    8. Jumb cabinet - largest in the world - blame VP

    9. 108 SL soldiers raped underage girls in Haiti - blame VP

  • 6 Nov 2007 06:18:18 GMT

    10. Sintamus - blame VP!

  • 6 Nov 2007 09:07:34 GMT

    [Excellent Analysis

    spot on ]


    Also read my 13th submission

  • 6 Nov 2007 11:27:57 GMT

    Velupillay prabakaran is responsible for killings due to civil war.also government is equally responsible for over 100,000 killings in sri alnak.governmennt mostly killed sinhalese so far.from 1971 to 2007,s lankn government killed ovwer 100,000.others jvp and ltte killed the rest.

    now look at the reasons for killings.

    north tamils has a reason to demand regain of their lost tamil homeland,now partly occupying by the was occupied by british as same as sinhalese own two countries then senkadagala and sithawaka.

    ceylon recieved indepence 1948 with annexed tamil homeland.british is responsible for not give independence to the jaffna kindom they occupied.

    this beitish injustice of first occupation and then gave it to ceylon is the reason of todays civil there any surprise that north tamils not fighting to regain therir lost country?.

    why ceylese leaders accepted the poisones gift from britain?.and whuy still trying to own it?.the other`s country.

    praba or any one will do the fight to get back their country.they are not fighting for to occupy sinhalese own part of sei lanka.their fight is for to get back their country of 2300 years.sinhalese own their country of south,which is invaded by them 2600 yeras ago and looted from the vaddhas.

    civil war is a result of sri lankan government politicians greedy occupation of narth tamil nation.which is purely belong to north tamils.british looted it then gave to ceylon as a continuing the occupation of tamils country,today civil war continues.

    why blame prabakan or any others who fight to regain their lost country.

    sri lanka government is guilty of keeping the north part annexed by the british.

    land greedyness and colonial policies of the governments of sri lanka is responsible for the killings regarding to the separatist movement in sri lanka.which is based on true ownership of the north tamils.

    sri lankan government is no deferent than the british imperial of others for imperialism.

    give the tamils what they own and rule the area which legitimately belong to tamols.

    then the civil war will be over.unless that the war will continue till they take back their lost country.

  • 6 Nov 2007 19:34:09 GMT

    Samperera is lost in the history and giving justification for the war.This is a land of Sri Lnkan but not of any race.Everybody should be able to live free and happy in any part of this land.

    Majority of Tamils in Sri Lanka does not like to live under VP but many many like to talk and donate LTTE because to be in good books of LTTE and in case they come to power to get favors.

    I remember during JVP terrorizing time many Sinhalese did the same.No matter Sinhalese or Tamil we all have the same mentality.

    Jaffna was never been a Tamil`s homeland and they live mix with Sinhalese thousands of years ago peacefully and happily.Few hundred years ago many from south Indians settled in North and hence talk Tamil and thereby called themselves Tamils.

    I think Sam is a LTTE sympathizer and trying to be in good books with LTTE.