In search of a partner, he approached 17 women

  • 6 Nov 2007 05:29:44 GMT

    My dad said never believe a cop in Sri Lanka and said I can get anything done by giving bribe.

    Every politicians knows this fact because they need favors and help from time to time.

    So to whom we tell this injustice ?

  • 6 Nov 2007 07:25:47 GMT

    [He had spent Rs 100,000 to buy a half an acre of land and built a small house. According to police, the suspect posing as a farmer had been looking for a partner and in the process had approached 17 women, most of them living in the area]

    Is this factually correct??? In which part of Slanka could you buy a half an acre of land for R100,000 let alone building a small house??/

    Poor guy has approached 17 women and none agreed to live with him. I pity him. There are planty of women in Slanka looking for men desperately, still he could not find a women. If he approached Damayanthi on this forum, he would have had better luck.

    Over to you Dami.

  • 6 Nov 2007 07:25:49 GMT

    [In search of a partner, he approached 17 women]

    So what`s wrong in that? Must be wanting to make sure it is Miss or Mrs.Right!