Ending the war - only aim of air strikes - Hulugalle

  • 4 Nov 2007 08:29:14 GMT

    [The Air Force directs air strikes at LTTE training camps, weapons dumps, Black Tiger Camps, Sea Tiger bases and in support of ground troops. The air strike on Friday was at a time and place where Thamilselvan was providing the leadership for the LTTE to conduct armed operations.


    In order to bring peace to our country, LTTE must be disarmed. (full stop)


  • 4 Nov 2007 09:00:47 GMT

    Air Raids will not bring peace.Raids will bring LTTE to Backlash with deadly attacks.

    Regular SLAF attacks can retard LTTE to re group,Also Simultaneous Ground attacks bring same results.

    SLAF should Bomb Funeral procession like USA did.Harder the attack, earlier they learn.