Parliament not prorogued to avoid appointing committees -- Basil

  • 1 Nov 2007 04:16:15 GMT


    Who Know How The You Are.

  • 1 Nov 2007 04:48:00 GMT

    [Mr. Rajapaksa expressed the hope that the JVP would consider the future of the country and vote with the government on the upcoming budget.]

    Do the Rajapakse bros. consider the future of the country?

    Did Basil and Gota consider the future of the country when they obtained Residency in the U.S.?

    If they are so concerned about the future of the country, why are they still holding on to US Residency?

    Do the Rajapakse bros. consider the future of the country when they do nothing to stop rampant corruption?

  • 1 Nov 2007 12:52:20 GMT

    Totally agreed P007!

    It is better this way for the brothers, to work for the GOSL to provide for their needy families in the US at the cost of innocent lives and a foreseen bleak future.

    Poor SL... (Sobbing!)

  • 1 Nov 2007 14:28:58 GMT

    If avoiding the appointment of committees is not the idea, then why the **** would they want to prorogue parliament?

    This argument of `President needs to address parliament some time` is utter crap. The head of state can attend parliament and address the chamber AT ANY TIME he thinks fit.

    Basil should first attend a constitutional montessori, before revealing his knowledge (rather the lack of it) on such matters.

    Besides, why excercise the right to prorogue for the sake of it? Why? Why?

    Only the idiots will believe the public will buy their argument `Erm... Premadasa did it, so can we`. What utter bollocks.

    Premadasa sure did, but why the **** are YOU doing it?

  • 1 Nov 2007 23:18:41 GMT


    Just because you lick Managla`s back working from Odel, don`t bark like a dog.

    I`m from L.A. and I knew Basil and Gota through my brother. before you guys were telling Gota worked for a 7-Eleven store. Now it has turned to Basil. Morons like you have no life but sling mud at Mahinda and his brothers.

    Now for those who say Gota worked as a security guard at a 7-eleven store, check out this site out up by someone worked with him at Loyola Law School in L.A.

    Quote from above site:

    [The purpose of this Web Page is to counter the false information and innuendos that opponents painstakingly drum up - stories to support their own agenda, meant to discredit the man I have known for the many humanitarian works he has done during his spare time.

    I have known Mr. Gotabhaya as a colleague and coworker. We met while both working at the Loyola Law School Los Angeles as a UNIX Administrator and Desktop Technology Specialist respectively. Where he was loved and respected for his UNIX, e-mail and network skill.

    This Web Page is meant to share the truth about the man I have known for many years for his integrity, patriotism, love of family and above all for his honesty.


    [THE TRUTH: I did some investigation and found out the information given by uk tamil new and the LankaeNews does not have one iota of truth. It is a sad thing when MPs are misled and dragged into this by rumormongers to report to parliament without checking the truth. The mentioned properties owned by Basil and Gota only shows a $300 to $400 thousand dollars value respectively. In order to own a 4 or a 9 million dollar homes you have to be a basketball player or football player generating $120 million contract. Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers lives in a 10 million dollar house not Gotabhaya. In America you do not own a house you buy a house on a thirty year mortgage payment. It means you are paying the mortgage company a monthly payment for thirty years, As long as you have a job and good credit banks will loan you money to buy a house that you can afford according to you monthly income. I do not think Basil or Gota would qualify for the kind of money rumormongers are talking about.

    My findings shows that uk tamils news and Nitharsanam freelance investigations using publicly available information have hit a brick wall. The reported information on the market value of the primary residencies of Basil & Gotabhaya Rajapakse is absolutely wrong. For your information I reside in the Fontana area and my house value is not in the $4.5 million range. If it were I would have been a millionaire by now.

    As further evidence for you readers, here is a Zillow report of the property value for Basil & Gotabhaya Rajapakse in the respective areas as reported by uk tamil news]

  • 2 Nov 2007 00:21:44 GMT

    Well done LANKANWAY!!!

    GoooMan says,

    I Quote:

    `Balla, ge he l la hodapan parliment akka kak kus se ya!`

    End Quote.....

    Well, What else can we expect a GoooMan to say???? Goooo and Toilets go well together......

  • 2 Nov 2007 00:35:04 GMT


    Just because you found something on an unknown website written by some unknown person doesnt make it true - even if its something YOU so badly want to believe, because of your undieing love for PUNNAKKU rala.

    Im not saying whats written there is untrue. However, anyone can say i know this person that person etc etc... These are things that ordinary people like you and me cant verify (and dont have the time to varify). Alligations weather true or false is part and parcel of politics. For all we know this website you pointed to **COULD** have been started by the Punnakku family itself. Who knows...

    Motta rala and co are NOT getting even 10% of what they deserv. When this FILTHY LOW BRED SWINE was in the opposition he stooped to evey low to obstruct everything the government at that day did. EVEN when he was a Minister he did many things just for CHEAP publicity at the expense of the country and the govt. (if you want example i can show you douzens of articles from VARIFIABLE websites.)

    MR did what ever it took to capture power (strikes, False promises, Mud slinging on others, spreading false roumers etc etc ) even going to the extent of having secret deals with the LTTE while fooling the people the people.

    So stop squirting like a little boy with a pole stuck up your behind, every time someone attacks the Low life BUFFALO. He is NOT getting even 10% of what the SWINE deserves. What goes around comes around!!

  • 2 Nov 2007 05:09:06 GMT

    Xjgomen, anizam,

    If you like to believe that Gota worked for a 7-Eleven store when he was in the US, please do so for your own satisfaction. Perhaps, you may need that `thrill.`

    Just for your info, would someone lie to the courts about his previous job? Check out this...


    [Gotabhaya to sue Sunday Leader for defamation]

    [My client who is a son of the former parliamentarian Hon. D. A. Rajapaksa was enlisted to the Sri Lanka Army in 1971 and commissioned as a Second Lieutenant to the Sri Lanka Signal Corps in 1972. During his distinguished and unblemished career with the Sri Lanka Army my client held various command and staff appointments and took part in many victorious anti terrorist campaigns and was decorated with Rana Sura Padakkama (RSP) and Rana Wickrema Padakkama (RWP) for his bravery in the battlefield.


    [Incidentally, my client who is a practising Buddhist is a vegetarian and teetotaller by conviction who lives and acts according to his principles. Having retired from the service in 1991 on completing of 20 years of reckonable service my client migrated to United States of America where he worked as a [Computer Systems UNIX Administrator at the Prestigious Loyola Law School in Los Angeles.] Prior to migrating to the United States, my client was gainfully employed in the IT field of the local corporate sector, having obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Technology from the University of Colombo.]

  • 2 Nov 2007 05:17:36 GMT


    [1. go to site

    2. Enter the name in WHIIS Lookup

    3. This will give the contact Info. ]

    ARE YOU CRAZY? Where the hell you get contact info showing what you say? Another PATHETIC LIE created by Pongala`s man in Colombo.

    Idiot, the main domain is ``. So search for that. You CAN`T look up WHOIS info for sub-domains or pages. Whois info for can be found here:

    According to that,


    Homestead Technolgies

    3375 EDISON WAY

    MENLO PARK, CA 94025


    Idiot, like you tow claim, even if a website was registered, do you think Gota would give his name to public? there`s something called private registration. i`m sure Gota know that.

    Again, don`t be a looser here trying to show something that you have no clue about. Haha.

  • 2 Nov 2007 07:14:53 GMT

    ANUSam the LIAR says Refering Mahinda when he was Opposition leader, I Quote:

    [When this FILTHY LOW BRED SWINE was in the opposition he stooped to evey low to obstruct everything the government at that day did.]

    End Quote..

    Let me refresh your memories of the Reltion ship Between Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe(Traitor) during 2001-2004 UNP Rule.

    Mahinda NEVER Obstructed Traitor Ranil when the latter was PM. Infact Mahinda NEVER Attacked the CFA. Mahinda NEVER used the CFA for Political Gain like the JVP and Traitor Ranil`s New Gay Mate Mangala........It was Mangala/JVP/CBK alliance that attacked the CFA and destroyed the UNP administration........ .. Mahinda was dead against the JVP-SLFP Union of ANURA and CBK brokered by Mangala........Mahinda Never did anything for petty political gain to sabotage the Wickramasinghe Premiership............Mahinda held a few `Virodhaya` campaigns based on COL......But Attacking the CFA was PROHIBITED in Mahinda`s `Virodhaya` campaigns....

    It was NOT Mahinda who campaigned against Traitor Ranil and Destroyed the UNP Govt....It was Traitor Ranil`s CURRENT Best Friends Mangala, CBK that got together with the JVP and Pulled the `Rug` and Broke the UNP Govt.........Mahinda had Neither the Power, Nor the Desire to Destroy the Traitor Ranil Govt at an early stage.......It was all the work of CBK and Mangala who are Traitor Ranil`s Kith and Kin today.............So good luck to the Traitor Ranil/ANUSam faction of the UNP on their New Journey with Mangala and CBK...

    ANUSam the LIAR is once again misleading LNP members saying that Mahinda Disrupted Traitor Ranil`s Premiership........We all know why ANUSam is making a PERVERTED attempt to `White Wash` CBK and Mangala while Blaming Mahinda for the Actions of CBK and Mangala..........Even ANUSam`s own son...the GoooMan agrees with me...