This cop could not be bought

  • 1 Nov 2007 04:38:45 GMT

    [Which goes to show Guruge said, that not all policemen are crooked. The majority are straight.]

    The Crimes OIC Kalutara must be commended and given due recognition for being straight. The SSP too deserves praise for having stood by his Officer. Whether they will be recognised is another matter.

    While it is true that not all policemen are crooked, as to whether majority are straight is a debatable point. Of course, it will be wonderful if the majority are straight.

  • 1 Nov 2007 07:39:27 GMT

    In all probability the bribe offered may not have been enough and the cop may have wanted more. Unable to give an increase, the cop who would have been dissatisfied may have appeared to agree to 1 lakh and given the tip! Who knows )

  • 1 Nov 2007 08:03:15 GMT

    Good job.keep it up

  • 1 Nov 2007 08:32:05 GMT

    [This cop could not be bought]

    Instead say `his honesty could not be bought for Rs.100,000.`

    May be it is worth more than 100,000.

    What I have taught was honesty can be priced. Person do not agree for 100,000 could have agreed for 1000,000 or more.

    My point is this why 2 grams less make the drug peddler get less punishment?

    Give death sentence to all drug traffickers.

  • 1 Nov 2007 13:04:04 GMT

    Hats off to these courageous policemen. Job well done!

  • 1 Nov 2007 13:08:04 GMT

    We need more of this kind.

  • 1 Nov 2007 14:07:47 GMT

    Good show!Hope the other cops will follow this.

    The same goes to the Politicians as well!

  • 1 Nov 2007 14:21:58 GMT

    `Majority (of cops)are straight` ??

    Oh come on, everyone knows it`s the exact opposite.

    Here`s the truth: Majority is corrupt, there MAY BE a tiny fraction of good cops. If the statement is to be taken seriously he should produce more reports of such incidents where cops have turned down bribes.

    I bet my ass it will only be a handful, if at all.

  • 1 Nov 2007 20:13:02 GMT

    Look at it the other way. Being an OIC he might have felt offended and insulted by this offer which is less than $1,000.00. So what was the best way he could get back at the people who insulted him and sending a message to the market of what a favour from him would be worth.

  • 1 Nov 2007 21:21:39 GMT

    [The general condemnation of Policemen by the masses are not fair. ]

    Most people in the world are generally good honest people. The same goes for the police. However, only the bad is highlighted. Very rarely do good deeds reach the head lines.

    interesting story nevertheless. :)