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  • 31 Jan 2007 22:52:34 GMT

    Minister seems very stressed `mokakkda mata me une`.

    Jeevan is talking like `Dennam man umbata honda wedak, HOndata ugannala thiyannan`.

  • 31 Jan 2007 23:34:48 GMT


    Loku, all you have to do is give me this much from what you get. !!

    Lokuge, Thinking:

    This rascal is talking about grabbing his piece even before I assume duties. Go and get from your Land ministry....... It`s the gold mine I couldn`t have.....

  • 1 Feb 2007 00:15:25 GMT

    This man LOKUGE is murder?So ministry of cemetery development is 100% match with him?


    JE-VAN seems like unhaappy...! He said now that time he start his works but he cant continue....)))

    Past 2 years he warmed.....codswollop words.....


    He told LOKUGE to how to destoyed SPORT MINISTRY and what are the avalable methods for bribery...!

    No need to tell that to LOKUGE....He is Phd holder for bribery

  • 1 Feb 2007 00:19:12 GMT

    Jeewan: Gamini aiya, oya Gal Arraku double dekak witharane gatthe.

    Gamini: mata hondata wediala bang inne. Mata den nidaganna diyang. Mona chintanada bang den. Pathakata wela hitapan yako.

  • 1 Feb 2007 00:20:19 GMT

    [mahaththaya is a good sportman in piliyandala.]

    Yes in Piliyandala cemetery?.He played against great people like VIJAYA KUMARATHUNGA?.by his T56

  • 1 Feb 2007 00:44:30 GMT

    Jeewan is describing the size of his pen!s...

  • 1 Feb 2007 01:01:38 GMT


    You look terrible!



    I couldn`t sleep at nights. I don`t know where I gonna be tomorrow.


    (Showing a glass size)

    Drink a glass of milk before you go to bed!


    I think I am next in the line for getting `Cattle Recreation Minister` post!


    For that kinds of headache, take a glass of local `ITEM` before you go to bed.


    I need a full bottle.


    Speak like a true `Public Recreation Minister`!

  • 1 Feb 2007 01:56:19 GMT

    Nalu horaa samaga Pal horaa

  • 1 Feb 2007 02:20:18 GMT

    Looks like Jeevan saying, `This is how to hold the ball`

    Lokuge is sad as he has no balls.

  • 1 Feb 2007 03:59:41 GMT

    Mr.president, i have been an admirer of you since day one, but sir to appoint this bloke as the minister of sports is a joke, whats wrong with the world cup winning captain sir , perhaps he belongs to a different group , come on sir be a southerner