Corruption at dizzy heights, says COPE

  • 14 Jan 2007 03:24:42 GMT

    Guess someone didn`t bribe these COPE guys enough ;)

  • 14 Jan 2007 03:33:31 GMT

    [Corruption at dizzy heights, says COPE ]

    irrespective of whatever the status citizens hold in Sri Lanka--most are corrupt(Almost all with in the limition of the power they have).Thats the popular secret in the Island.Cope or Poke no need to say that in Parliament I mean to say from Janitor to President is corrupt!!

  • 14 Jan 2007 03:47:27 GMT

    I have seen corruption by politician in many countries including Sri Lanka, Canada, USA, Russia, UK and France. Difference between developed countries and undeveloped countries are the effect of corruption make huge disadvantage on common man.

    If we see the corrupted people, these people recently started to send their kids to educate in western countries from the money earned by corruption. Some high level government servants send their kids with private money to USA, UK and Canada without any financial support. For example, if you see their monthly income may be maximum is 50,000 Rs/= which is close to US$ 500.00. Tuition and living expenses per month in these western countries and US, Canada reach to $24,000.00/Year. I am sure huge amount of money is moving around middle rank government servant to ministers in Sri Lanka.

  • 14 Jan 2007 03:48:22 GMT

    [This is a good sign !! . identifying the issue !! . ]

    Of course, this means there is a lot of money that should be going into MR`s pocket which is now going into someone else`s! This is serious business for sure!

  • 14 Jan 2007 03:48:30 GMT

    [both Terrorisam and corruption should be eradicated at any cost]


  • 14 Jan 2007 03:50:39 GMT

    Sundog is genuine in this case.

    Ruchira is ignorant just say ordinary stement

    Anud accept traditional behavior of Sri lankans.

  • 14 Jan 2007 04:06:43 GMT

    Long time ago in 60`s then Education Minister of Dudley`s UNP government Mr.Eeriyagolla`s daughter had been given a scholarship through the government to study medicine in India. This was questioned by the press and the powerful opposition in the Parliament and Mr. Eeriyagolla went to India and brought her daughter back home. He had the decency to do that acknowledging the misdoing, however he said even being the minister of education he did not have the authority to send his daughter on a scholarship. Very true in Public service one can not do that if there were irregularities in selecting her. The decency of politics of yester years had long been gone.

    It is obvious that Yo-removed-ha was sent to Dartmouth not because he is the best candidate but he is the son of the president and the whole thing was pre arranged. In this situation Navy had done the favour for the President so MR does not have to bring him back. The short cuts will not always save his son`s life in reality but it reduces credibility both the son , the father and the Navy.

    One thing we should not forget is that joining the defense forces is voluntary and not by force or by abduction. There is nothing sickening than when Tamil kids are forced to take up arms by LTTE , their leader send his kids abroad for safety.

  • 14 Jan 2007 04:12:24 GMT

    [Sundog is genuine in this case.]

    Madness is genuine

  • 14 Jan 2007 04:53:21 GMT

    [When having many hundreds of Navy best performers son of president sent to UK on taxpayers money]

    He went to open NRFC accounts in U.K banks. He will be back once he opened. Once he come back, he will be appointed as the chief officer for arms procurement for SLN.

  • 14 Jan 2007 04:58:29 GMT


    [The Sunday Times learnt, was a shocking discovery by a team of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) detectives probing the assassination attempt on the Commander of the Army Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka on April 25 last year. They successfully pieced together the damaged SIM card of a mobile telephone left behind at the scene of the attack by the female suicide bomber. It has come to light that someone,suspected to be inside the Army Headquarters complex, not only tipped off about Lt. Gen. Fonseka`s exit from his office on that fateful day, but more disturbingly, the suicide bomber had received a call on the previous day too, possibility from within, though what they spoke is not known.]

    Nobody knows how many more inside the Army Headquarters to tip off? Money can do anything.