Defence costs blast economy

  • 9 Jan 2007 04:16:14 GMT

    Donkey Mahinda, One ball Fonseka, Comic Machan Ramubuttan will not understand the situatuin because they are brain less who intrested in war and kill hundres of innocent Tamils using more aid money

    These mad dogs will not understand that they can`t defeate LTTE

    they will realease when LTTE will hit Hard same like Elephant Pass where 1800 SLa terrorist army had Olympic

  • 9 Jan 2007 04:20:20 GMT

    Hey Minister, it is your Govt who is on the war path! Why dont you tell them and go for PEACE.

    Talking to the SLFP gathering in Pollonaruwa...poor folks!!

  • 9 Jan 2007 04:20:59 GMT

    [the country was losing almost one hundred jobs with each Multi-barrel rocket fired on the LTTE.]

    No Doubt

    [such expenses are critical to protect the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the country. ]

    Here is the fact.

  • 9 Jan 2007 04:21:42 GMT

    SL will be bankrupt by 2008! I think LTTE is waiting for it!!

  • 9 Jan 2007 04:21:47 GMT

    There will be some difficult times ahead. Sri Lankans know how to tight their belts in case of emergency.;-)

  • 9 Jan 2007 04:22:51 GMT


    The whole country is surviving because of foreign exchange?

  • 9 Jan 2007 04:26:48 GMT

    Donkey Mainda thinks he can begg for money from IC to pull his pocket next time when the money is finish in war and may be he will start the same thing

  • 9 Jan 2007 04:31:19 GMT


    NOTHING to worry man. As long as.. MR Has that Red Towel around his neck, every thing will be fine!!

    Machan did you know that MR has a charming smile???? Beautiful no???? :) And have you seen how WELL MR can `Clap to the beat`????? :) Maru no????

    Come on Man. Have a little more faith in MR!! After all he is `SRI ROHANA` Motta rala. Not just any Motta rala!


  • 9 Jan 2007 04:33:36 GMT


    Yes yes...all what you say is true.

    What is this Kasu Kusu that KaruJ is going be our next Prime minister under MR???

    What is happening to our Ranil boy?


  • 9 Jan 2007 04:35:20 GMT

    [SL will be bankrupt by 2008! I think LTTE is waiting for it!!]

    Darling, Swathi your heroes waited more than 30 years so be patient just another one year.