Operations to continue

  • 8 Jan 2007 12:29:53 GMT

    Operation to continue.

    Only last week i said LTTE/Tamils must change their strategy.

    because tamils are killed by sinhala thugs army every day.

    10 tamils youths are killed every day.

    Innoce tamil womens and childrens are killed everyday.

    mahinda rajapaksha plan to wipe all tamils.

    therefore Tigers should not waste a clymore in north east killing one soldier.

    it should be used wisely. let the sinhalese feel the same pain.

    LTTE should attack Army camps in sinhala residential area that way a sinhala security zone will be created.

    and LTTE should attack similer to gale attack in many parts so sinhala fishing ban will be created.

    then what LTTE need to do is. now mahinda abducting tamils childens every day and use them as human shield. one report said mahinda have planed to kill 8000 tamils youths in the comming months.

    LTTE should not wait and waste time.

    LTTE must make defensive mesures,

    LTTE should target and kill those new recruites. or any potential new recruites. shell those camps. and kill as many as possible.

  • 8 Jan 2007 12:44:32 GMT

    Keep it up,We will eradicate terrorist in 2007.

    good luck

  • 8 Jan 2007 12:52:59 GMT

    My friend Ajan

    Since the first day I saw you in this forum, you are day dreaming.

    LTTE is running for cover now. THey can kill only civilians in a bus. no more. LTTE is no more tigers, they are cats now.

    They dont want to fight, only looking for food.

  • 8 Jan 2007 13:54:35 GMT

    If LTTE gives up so called Tamileelam, then there is no war.LTTE wants the WAR. So no options left , carry on destroying blood thurst LTTE.

  • 8 Jan 2007 15:25:51 GMT

    Folks you know who is trying to be the next strategist for the LTTE

    Its Ajan....

    Ajan what a plan you got.............where were you all this time surely with your plan to attack innocent lives is disgusting and beyond human comprehension.

    The question is CAN the LTTE which is on knees do all those things which you are dreaming of.

    More accurate attacks by our Army is on the way..........keep dreaming boy..

  • 8 Jan 2007 20:03:55 GMT

    LTTE should not wait and waste time.

    LTTE must make defensive mesures

    lol..when.??? oh yes VP has already had taken a defensive mesures.he is living in a rat hole 30ft under ground loland his family is in England..lol

    Yes LTTE rats do not waste time, RUN

  • 8 Jan 2007 20:05:25 GMT


    kill as many as possible

    Are you VP`s brother by any chance?

  • 8 Jan 2007 21:11:33 GMT

    It is sad and pathetic that some persons are advising the LTTE to kill, kill, kill without realizing that majority Tamils are not with the LTTE. If not for the LTTE?s murderous ?policies?, a political solution to this ethnic problem could have been reached years ago.

    LTTE want a dictatorship in their areas so that only a few ?leaders? can enjoy a good life. In the Sinhala side too there are traitors who live off the misery of others.

    Temporary losers are the average innocent people? Tamils and Sinhala people.

    But eventually the truth will prevail?. Right thinking Sinhala, Tamil and other Minorities will prevail.

  • 9 Jan 2007 09:32:12 GMT

    [Are you VP`s brother by any chance?]

    No he is VP`s b_ll licker...