Sea Tigers wither under heavy SLAF pressure

  • 6 Jan 2007 04:33:40 GMT

    [The government recently authorised the navy to acquire a fleet of Heavy Fast Attack Craft. Their induction would greatly improve the navy`s capability, an authoritative official said. The proposed acquisition was crucial in giving the navy a clear edge over Sea Tigers. The navy had not hitherto operated Heavy Fast Attack Craft. ]

    Thus SLN is admittedly weaker than Seatigers. Finally someone from GoSL admitting. Good. That`s why SLAF is throwing from high altitudes hoping to achieve some results which the SLN is supposed to do.

    SLAF keep `completely destroying` seatiger bases, but wonder what happens to Muraj gunboats. The outcome of SLAF attack is some destroyed huts with civilian casualties.

  • 6 Jan 2007 05:41:41 GMT

    [`Every day the navy is getting hammered (in sea clashes)`

    -Sri Lanka military spokesman Brig Prasad Samarasinghe]

    what else to say, 30 years of trying and now they think they can do it.

    So even after sinking 300+ Sea tiger boats and killing 2,000+ sea tigers (By punnakku figures) they are still stronger than the SLN tin can navy? LOL

    BTW why is this sourced as an AP article? It isn`t.

  • 6 Jan 2007 06:04:07 GMT

    [That`s why SLAF is throwing from high altitudes hoping to achieve some results which the SLN is supposed to do.]

    From 10`000 meters... On the Innocents !!

    It is exactly as you put your head in a box full of rats..

  • 6 Jan 2007 07:32:55 GMT


    But the real truth will be known soon.]

    sure... wait forever

    truth is, sea monkeys have no idea where north or south no.. they are totally -removed-ed up..

    payback time for killing vacationing (un-armed) sailors few months back !!


  • 6 Jan 2007 10:52:02 GMT

    A country like Sri Lanka, which is covered by water from all around should always have a good large navel force to keep the waters safe and secure. At last the military strategist have understood that and have started to attack sea tigers and it`s bases.Which is very important to stop LTTE smuggling weapons from our good neighbor. If the governments in the past made the necessary purchases at the right time sea tigers and LTTE as an unit will not be this problematic.

  • 6 Jan 2007 11:58:56 GMT

    Sea tigers under heavy pressure..

    It is not the story now, SLAF must make sure, they will not harm the recently arrived Dolpins..Do not try to put pressure on them..

    Because SLAF is having the history of killing the Cows and Goats instead of Tigers.. in the land..

    When it comes to sea..may be they can do the same mistake..killing dolpins..Instead Sea tigers

    The bombs they are dropping bought from Pakistan.. Accuracy of Pakistani bombs..are calculated as 100% failure..When they drop in Mannar..It is falling in Mutur..Because both place were starting with `M`..lols

  • 6 Jan 2007 13:30:07 GMT

    @ Revy,

    have you ever had the chance to hold a firearm and to hit a target at a range of 200-300m if yes go on if no then you are out of the loop.

    if yes: have you tried to hit a moving target at a range of 200 m and have you hit it successfully? if yes go on otherwise you are out.

    if yes. so now you get in to a small craft and use a mounted gun on the vessel to hit a moving target at a range of,lets say 1000m, do you ever think you will be able to hit it with one go, because if you don`t and if the enemy is moving at a speed of 100 -150km/h you dont have more than two or three shots at a moving target, and if the moving target is not defending itself but crashing in to your vessel, then the only thing you could do is run as fast as you can and make sure you land far enough from the vessel to save your balxxs.

    So now you sit back and think how come the sea tigers are stronger than the SLN. If you get the right answer you can call yourself a man with logic other know what you can call yourself.....;-)

    Have a nice weekend

  • 6 Jan 2007 13:37:18 GMT

    Sea Tigers wither under heavy SLAF pressure to expand and modernice ASAP.

  • 6 Jan 2007 19:26:32 GMT

    Diplomat, yes I am well aware about leading your target etc.

    BTW these are the saem techniques used by your forces, it is the same game for both sides, so you are saying the sea tigers are only strong due to their black tigers? Then how is the SLN able to sink 17, 20, 30 boats at a time without even suicide boats of their own, using the same or even inferior weapons to the Sea tigers?

    Don`t say that the SLAF is the reason since they are no more acurate, take a look at this video and see the SLAF jet doing a bombing run on the sea tigers... it hits nothing:

    You can also see examples of what you speak about (leading the target etc), BUT you mis the key point how the Sea tigers work, they work in wolf packs, notice how they coral the Dvora and concentrate fire from at least 3 Muraj boats on to it.

  • 6 Jan 2007 21:55:44 GMT

    [Sea Tigers wither under heavy SLAF pressure]

    Is that why suddenly 31 sea tiger gunboats appeared off Nagarkovil coast yesterday?