Petrol up by Rs. 5

  • 5 Jan 2007 11:29:59 GMT

    Ane Weeramonkeyoooo,

    Why are you waiting? Why dont you UNPLUG the domestic economy from the international economy and save us? Why it takes so long for you to do this UNPLUG? We thought you would do it immediately after the 2004 General Election as you promised in the election platform?

    Or is it because of the rumors of the another election that you hesitate to do that? Come on. Yes, I know you can use the same promise this time too. Wonderful. This time too I am sure this time too there will be so many to buy PUNNAKU from you.


    PS: BTW Weeramonkey, now your wife had found your affairs with the sweet girl at Lake House is that true she is trying to UNPLUG you?


  • 5 Jan 2007 12:02:23 GMT

    Here we go again .

    It does not take an expert to figure out why the prices are going up, and never come down. WAR+VAT+Duty+corruption+waste=price increase.

    Those who voted for MR should hide their head in shame. In the run up to this, the news papers have been running banner headlines about `victories` in the battle field, one after the other.

    Eat war, sleep with war, and wake up with war.

  • 5 Jan 2007 12:11:15 GMT

    See Saw Up and down and Up..............

  • 5 Jan 2007 12:47:07 GMT


    I rememeber Weerawansa addessing a rally in Maharagama during the 2004 Provincial Council elections (this was just after the General Elections).

    He promised not to allow world market prices to affect the local customers. He said if the UNP had been in power by now petrol price would have gone up by 30 Rupees (at that time it was 55 Rupees). `Hondata thiyei eheme unothin,` he screamed to a wide applause.

  • 5 Jan 2007 13:50:01 GMT

    When the Price of Oil is going down in the world Market, the prices go up in SL.

    [NEW YORK ( -- After a two-day slide in oil prices totaling almost 9 percent, analysts see bottom. Two factors could keep oil from falling lower than the mid-$50s: OPEC production cuts and declining crude supplies.]

    Shakthi - YOu are wrong. WeeraMONKEY did UNPLUG the economy, but the plug was removed from the wrong side. Now when then prices go down in the rest of the world, Prices go up in SL!! :) ONLY A GENIUS like weeraMONKEY and MOtta Ralas PUNNAKKU eating HOOTERS can do something like this :) :)

    The past few days we have heard...

    1. Inflation up to 19.3%

    2. Tourism at worst levels in the past 25 years.

    3. Central bank prinint money like there is no tomorrow.

    4. In 2007 the Tsunami debt relief is ending and we have to pay $700 million....

    5. Germany stops all aid to SL because of Human rights violations.

    6. EU considers lifting on LTTE ban because of it sees the SLgovt as a racist terroritst organization in par with the LTTE.

    7. And now oil Prices go up when the rest of the world brings down prices...

    And what do we see our President and Finance minister do.. For the past two weeks the ONLY thing i saw his do was Go to temples and offer flowers. which is run by an Ex-UNPer now tured MR loyalist (laxman Hulu.....) the MR full time job is `running around the country offering flowers at temples`...

    CBK once said `running around the country offering flowers at temples is NOT a qualification to be president`!!

    This is ALL this BRAINLESS, VISIONLESS bag of DOG CRAP knows to do.

    Anyways, all his PUNNAKKU eating HOOTERS - keep swollowing the PUNNAKKU!!! :) :)

  • 5 Jan 2007 14:46:00 GMT

    [And what do we see our President and Finance minister do.. For the past two weeks the ONLY thing i saw his do was Go to temples and offer flowers.]


    He also also putting posters all over country with his smiling big face either with a monk or school children or armed forces.

    SO many posters on walls that people asking Motta Rala to continue the war and finish up the LTTE.

    And also some very bright people putting up millions of posters to ban LTTE.

    MR had visited Navy base in east, which goes into record book as the 1st country leader to vist. (it was a mere coincidence that his son is there.). And the Daily Noise papers splash those photos.

  • 5 Jan 2007 18:05:49 GMT

    In Siri Lanka, cost of Gasoline only goes up with the world price. When the price goes down the govt. simply collect the revenue for other purposes.

    During the pre-election time, cost of Gasoline was held back by borrowing funds from the Central Bank. Now the cost increases are partly to cover the loan service expenses plus paying back the loans. This is how elections costs are transferred to tax payers.

    Just like Helping Hambantota manipulations.

    As long as the politicians continue to come from families of Colonial supporters, the country will continue to be exploited by them... just like what is happening to previous European colonies all over the world

  • 5 Jan 2007 18:28:36 GMT

    With the increase in cost of Gasoline, there is a talk about offering flowers in Temples ????

    Although the subject is irrelevant, there is some truth in it; because almost all the politicians are corrupted and they are just like highway robbers.. and they continue to visit temples along with illicit liquor dealers and corrupted party hooligans.

    Instead of getting involved in party politics, Buddhist monks should get involved in cleaning up of the way the religion is being worshipped and also abused by the corrupted politicians and their henchmen.

    Preach real Buddhism in Sinhala, Tamil or English and leave Pali Stanzas, Jathaka Stories etc to Scholars. Sermons should be prepared on the basis of real Buddhism. As an example: ?Why we should not associate with wrong kind of people? (from Maha Mangala Discourse). Recently I listened to a one hour Christian sermon on this subject.

  • 5 Jan 2007 18:45:15 GMT

    When the genaral public feels the heat the war will stop.

  • 5 Jan 2007 18:48:08 GMT

    High Cost of Gasoline in Siri Lanka - Why ?

    In the US, current price of gasoline at the pump is equivalent to Rs. 250/Gallon. They also import crude oil from the Middle East (longer distance) and refine using basically the same technology; but with very high cost of labour at around Rs. 12,000 per DAY.

    In Siri Lanka, crude oil is imported from either the Middle East or from nearby Asian countries. With a very old refinery, that should have been paid up by mid 1970, the imported crude is refined using relatively very cheap labor and distributed and sold in SL at more than Rs. 500/ Gallon. Who is robbing ?

    Somebody please pass this information at least to CPC trade unions