Road Map for monetary and financial sector policies in 2007 and beyond

  • 6 Jan 2007 03:01:08 GMT

    [after consulting his brothers, religious leaders and all other political parties president will decide What is good for him. . errr. .er ]

    A good sense of Humor....

  • 6 Jan 2007 03:23:46 GMT

    [There is this talk of president going to ban Sri Lankan women being employed as house maids too. ]

    No way on this count, this is Sri Lanka`s NUMBER 1 foreign exchange earner right now, the sla.. I mean maid trade.

  • 6 Jan 2007 03:30:23 GMT


    Just happened to see your posting!

    As regarding the smoking ban under the concept of Public Nuisance people are being hauled up in court sorrounding a lot of controversy there too.

    A certain person was hauled up at the Panadura Magistrates Court for smoking at the Bus Stand and was discharged by the learned magistrate as the open bus stand did not fall into the category of an `enclosed premises where the public have access`! But in certain other courts people have been fined for smoking out in the open! Of course their cases can be appealed, but who is going to bare the cost of an appeal over a `fag`! The rule is basically to prevent people smoking in cinemas, buses etc etc where the risk of passive smoking is very high.

    No one need worry to have a smoke inside a private car but there could be problems if you smoke in a taxi!

    The ban on polythene is the latest with traders being hauled up in courts!

    In SL the moment some new law is brought in the cops are at it morning noon and night and then 2-3 months later no one is bothered!

  • 7 Jan 2007 05:07:54 GMT

    We are trying to go ahead of most developed nations in imposing smoking, shopping bag bans etc...

    I am not against it.

    But look at our country.

    The war taking lives of innocent civilians more than 10 lives a day in run rate.

    The economy is taking nose dive. Inflation hitting almost 20%.

    Curruption is rampant, politicians are leading it.

    There is sinhala saying `Moru yana hill thiyeddu halmasso yana hil wahanawa.`