Mannar aerial bombing ignites controversy

  • 4 Jan 2007 02:40:06 GMT

    [Aerial attack on Padahuthurai, a crime against humanity - Bishop]

    The Bishop of Mannar Diocese, Rt Rev Rayappu Joseph, who visited Padahuthurai hamlet, which was completely destroyed by indiscriminate aerial bombardment by the Sri Lanka Air Force Tuesday morning, has condemned the bombardment and said the attack had destroyed the settlement of the Internally Displaced persons.

    There was no military installation of the LTTE in the area, the Bishop told media. The Bishop, calling the bombardment `a crime against humanity,` urged the International Community to send independent observers to NorthEast.

    Death toll has risen to 15, including 7 children below age nine , a pregnant woman, her child and husband.

    Bishop Rayappu, after returning to Mannar, wrote a letter to the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse and issued the copy of the letter to media Wednesday:


    His Excellency Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse,

    President of the Social Republic of Sri Lanka,


    Your Excellency,

    Aerial bombing that took place at Padahu Thurai near ILLUPAIKADAVAI, in the un-cleared area of the District of Mannar at 9.35 am Today the 02nd of January, 2007.

    Three Kefir bombers aided by an aircraft that is said to be supplying information to them, had been bombing the above small settlement of displaced people consisting of 35 families from Navanthurai, Jaffna.

    This aerial bombing took place today the 2nd of January, 2007 at 9.35 in the morning. I saw 12 spots where the bombs had struck and two of these bombs remain unexploded. The area of this attack is just within a radius of 100 meters close to the sea shores.

    This settlement consisted of 35 Catholic families who were all very poor fisher-folk. There is a Catholic church on this very spot in clear sight. They were living in small cadjan sheds. The Parish priest of this locality in the person of Fr. P. Arulnathan OMI and most of the priests and religious working in this area are very familiar with this location, the people and their day to day life.

    I visited this very spot today at 12.45 Noon and the ICRC came there fifteen minutes later. Tomorrow morning i.e. on the third of January 2007, the SLMM is expected to visit this locality.

    After listening to the people and to the priests and religious working in the area and from my personal inspection, I wish to convey to you that there were no LTTE bunkers nor could we see any sign of their camps nor any individual residence of possible LTTE cadre in or in the vicinity of this area.

    This attack is clearly on a civilian target which, as far as I had witnessed, has blown to pieces 13 innocent civilians on the very dawn of the New Year 2007. It is feared that many more of the wounded would succumb to their injuries.

    I, in the presence of the Catholic priest of this area saw eight civilian bodies of the above tragedy at the Pallamadhu hospital out of whom three were children of 2, 6 & 11 years old. They were all limbless and three of them headless.

    The parish Priest of this area had seen five bodies of civilians known to him who succumbed to death at Mulankavil hospital, this morning. I was told by the Doctor of the Pallamadhu hospital that more than 35 wounded people had been dispatched to Mulankavil hospital and from there, nearly 25 serious cases had been sent to Kilinochchi hospital most of whom are, I was told children and women.

    A good number of these may not survive, I was told by a doctor. There were no LTTE killed in this incident except one who was on leave and had come in civil, minutes before the attack to this place to pay New Year visit to his mother-in-law, as I came to know from my inquires.]

  • 4 Jan 2007 02:44:47 GMT

    Just ignore the UN statements.They have no credibility anymore.

  • 4 Jan 2007 02:47:34 GMT

    Not to go it alone and keep the soft balance of national interests and international community intact are the major hurdles current government facing under the circumstances.

  • 4 Jan 2007 02:50:18 GMT

    The catholic priest who rushed to blame the GOSL of bombing innoocent civilians in Mannar, Rt Rev Rayappu Joseph, is an LTTE terrorist sympathiser. (Refer this site for an eye-opening photo:

    [So folks, this is enough reply to Sritharan`s quote from the Tamilnet]

    This false propaganda is to defame the GOSL and to cover up LTTE`s losses due to GOSL aerial attacks on their sea bases and weapon dumps.

    Folks, while all this LTTE propaganda and Rayappu`s `intelligence reports` are nothing but `cries for help` in distressed times, the GOSL should be on vigil for a particular man who is very busy operating in the Europe as of now. And he is `Viraj Mendis`, who is unfortunately a Sinhalese supporting the LTTE terrorism. He is now masterminding the lift of the EU ban on LTTE. So, there you go...GOSL should device a strong diplomatic strategy to counter this...heavy reponsibility ahead..Let GOSL armed forces and the men and women in uniform battle in the true battle field to libberate the land from the LTTE terrorist grip. And while these true sons and daughters do their part for the country, let us all get together and try our part to destroy tiger propaganda all over the world...That would be a great 2007 resolution.

  • 4 Jan 2007 02:50:41 GMT

    I am going off for now, catch you later.

  • 4 Jan 2007 03:05:02 GMT

    Rt Rev Rayappu Joseph standing smiling besides the LTTE terrorist Tamilchelvan with their backs to a huge portrait of the LTTE terrorist leader V. Pirapaharan is shown in the link that I posted in my earlier reply.

    And I give an appropriate name to that photo.

    [Rayappu Joseph, horu samaga heluwen!!]

    And when the UN issues statements based on LTTE stats and Rayappu`s stats,

    [Not only Rayappu, also the UN is horu smaga heluwen!]

  • 4 Jan 2007 03:12:24 GMT

    Rayapphu Joshep is a disgrace to priest hood. Either he is a terrorist or sh*t scared of the LTTE and says what ever the ltte wants. This civilian casualty thing is becoming a lame excuese now to cover up the impending end of a terrorist era in Sri Lanka. As I said earlier there is a time for everything and that time is over for the Tamil Terrorism in Sri Lanka. It is in best interest of all that Tamil terror supporters realizes this and join in with the main stream politics.

  • 4 Jan 2007 03:12:31 GMT


    [Rt Rev Rayappu Joseph, is an LTTE terrorist sympathizer. (Refer this site for an eye-opening photo:

    So folks, this is enough reply to Sritharan`s quote from the Tamilnet]

    In the picture that you have refereed to us, Rev. Rayappu Joseph have taken the picture with Tamilselvan.

    Personally, I think you guys should change your opinion about Tamils` freedom struggle. LTTE is not a terrorist organization as you guys say or believe to be, it enjoys unprecedented support from the majority of Tamils. That why it survives all these years through economical embryo and without any outside helps.

    If you label Rev. R. Joseph as a terrorist (or Sympathizer) and say he should not be taken seriously, you my friend is making a bigger historical mistake. Joseph like many Hindu and Christan priests spend lot of time with regular people like me and you. They really know what is going on and SL Sinhalese government`s atrocities.

    If you try to ignore him, you ignore Tamils` legitimate voice!

    SRI (:-))

  • 4 Jan 2007 03:13:52 GMT


    [Kill MR and rest of his caucus for his war crimes against innocent Tamil civilians.]

    MR is the only sinhala leader who hasn`t bend in front of LTTE and no wonder you m0r0ns hate it.

    Remove the human shield in war zones and Tamil civilians will not die.

    Responsibility is in your own hands...


  • 4 Jan 2007 03:14:06 GMT


    Why not do your freedom struggle in India?