Three Karuna cadres killed

  • 2 Jan 2007 01:26:24 GMT


    [Are they the newly recruited children who were kidnapped by the proud SLA?]

    Probably, but about 10 years before ;)

    Look at the ages mate, they are in mid to late 20s, I wouldn`t call them children!

  • 2 Jan 2007 02:21:15 GMT


    Who fixes their ages? The island, Asiatribune and can publish anything and everything for those who are only ready to believe the lies fabricated therein. You can even produce photos, have you heard of foto fitting? The Island insinuated that LTTE killed Judge Sareth Embilipitiya because VP was sentenced to 200 years imprisonment, many like you condenmed lTTE but the police investigation and the court ruling luckily proved the Island wrong, wait a while, mate.

  • 2 Jan 2007 05:01:07 GMT

    Good good, if not the LTTE maybe some easterners got a hold of these traitors, I know many who would love the chance wipe the smiles of these thugs faces, they only roam around smiling because they can hide behind the SLA skirt for now!