Kfir mishap averted

  • 6 Sep 2006 03:53:36 GMT

    `Israeli built` my ass. Can`t we get at least some decent F-16s or one of those Eurofighters from US and Europe. Why do we have to buy Israeli stuff that dies half way through? Even the Russians make good jets dammit.

  • 6 Sep 2006 05:22:16 GMT

    The problem is SL government do not have enough funds to buy F16,s. Tamils all over the world send money to LTTE so they have enough money to buy SAM s-18 missiles.

    Rreliable sources revealed that LTTE leader for the Eastern province, Elilan had received injuries during the defensive operation conducted by the security forces in Sampur. The terror leader who had avoided the battle front throughout the operation reportedly suffered injuries when hastily fleeing into Verugal area.

    The Sri Lankan Tamil people live in UK should pay ransom to Tamil Tigers. They should pay ransom whether they willing to do so or not. Most of the fund raisers in UK and USA are exposed now.

    The FBI has uncovered that Tamils in Australia have been contributing funds to the Tigers Organisation to deliver terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka.

    Accordingly the Australian police are conducting investigations into several Tamil Organisations in Australia, after the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) accused the AustralianTamil community of supporting Tiger terrorists in Sri Lanka.

  • 6 Sep 2006 07:38:06 GMT

    At least we could buy these stuff from Israel. Those SUPER POWERS left us fighting with T-56 for 20 years. Our pilots are superb with Kfirs....keep going guys & drop a bunker buster to big tiger...end of story.

  • 6 Sep 2006 10:04:20 GMT

    Pilot one k001: 10,000 feet safe over

    Pilot two K002: 3000 feet safe over

    Pilot three K003: 300 feet danger not safe SOS

    Pilot four K004 : 0 feet im off today. i told you not to mix petrol with super petrol , this is not the way to cut cost. over.

  • 6 Sep 2006 10:15:20 GMT

    Good Morning to the Srilankans

    Heres a technical update:

    The greatest threat posed to SLAF aircraft from possible LTTE SA-18 MANPADs is to Mi-24 Hind helicopters and An-32 / C-130K turboprop transports .. the threat to SLAF Kfir and Mig-27M aircraft is minimal and here is why..

    While accuracy, speed and invulnerability to counter-measures is obviously important, the primary measure of merit for air defenses is ``RANGE``. The longer the range of the LTTE defensive system, the larger the ``foot print`` SLAF attacking aircraft need to defeat or avoid.

    While the 5.2 km radius of a (MANPAD) man-portable system like the SA-18 may seem quite large .. most of Killinochi and Jaffna for example, would fit within an 10.4 km diameter circle .. it really amounts only to point defense against aircraft. SLAF Attack aircraft are free to manoeuvre at will outside the 5.2 km range and pick the most advantageous direction and angle of attack.

    An aircraft attacking like a SLAF Mig-27M or a Kfir C2 or C7 at Mach 1 below 5,000 feet would travel the 5.2km from the weapon`s range to the LTTE defender in around 14 seconds. A LTTE SA-18 operator would have 14 seconds to survey, identify, and fire at an attacking aircraft dropping a standard `dumb-bomb`. `` In a ` BEST ` case scenario `` the aircraft ignoring the LTTE defender and bisecting the weapon`s interception diameter the LTTE defender would have 28 seconds to engage the aircraft at Mach 1. By contrast, a system with a 100km range-such as the A-10 Grumble-would have almost 10 minutes to engage an incoming target in a best case scenario. (The A-10 Grumble is a stationary ground based installation system)

    This 28 seconds is the Achilles heal of the LTTE SA-18 and will prove vital to SLAF fighter aircraft and this is why ..

    The LTTE SA-18 operator requires around 10 secs to prepare the missile for launch once the target is identified, this leaves the missile only 18 secs to engage the SLAF aircraft once fired .. the SA-18 has a total flight time of 13 secs, if the aircraft is not destroyed within this 13 sec window the missile auto destructs .. this means the missile has only 13 secs of that 18 sec window .. in addition the SA-18 has a 24-30% single-shot kill probability against an aircraft using standard chaff/flare countermeasures.

    As a result, LTTE (MANPAD) operators will have at best a 30% chance of successfully engaging and destroying low-flying SLAF Mig-27M or Kfir ground attack aircraft.. If these aircraft operate above 11,000 feet they are virtually immune to the SA-18 as it is outside the missiles operating range. Another issue that comes into contention is that SLAF aircraft using guided munitions will operate above the 11,000 feet envelope of the SA-18 thus ensuring the safety of the aircraft and its crew.

    It is because of these highlighted reasons that previously fired LTTE FIM-92A, SA-7 and SA-16s have failed to bring down any SLAF Kfir and Mig-27M aircraft.

    Therefore it is clear that even if the LTTE anti aircraft wing gets hold of a quantity of SA-18 missiles they will have there work cut out ..

  • 6 Sep 2006 10:34:07 GMT

    Further more .. There are two US (IRCM) systems that have effectively defeated attacking SA-18 missiles in combat and in field trials.

    These systems are:

    The LAIRCM system and the COMET (IRCP) system.

    Both systems can be acquired for around 2 million US dollars each and this compares with the around 1 million dollar price tag the SLAF has paid for ELTAs EL/M-2160 Pulse Doppler Radar system currently used on SLAF Mi-24s and An-32s.

    Incidently ELTAs system has proved effective against SA-18s in the Israeli/Lebanon conflict.

  • 6 Sep 2006 10:37:37 GMT

    Mic27 , good analysys.

    BUT LTTE may have other plans. when happend we all know.

    the reason LTTE did not shot any planes , it will ailianate western comunity. because already the western politicians nurvous about the air attcak and its a vonurable one. which wil have hard hit economic consecunses. therefore LTTE will not bring down the way you expect.

    but it will eventually do when time is ripe.

  • 6 Sep 2006 10:50:23 GMT

    Mic-29 C,


    what is this range 17,000 , and 15,000 feet range and 600 m/s


    you are good man.

  • 6 Sep 2006 11:06:32 GMT

    Dear Mr.Thambi

    The technical description I have elucidated in the above scenario is what really happens when a SA-18 MANPAD operator attempts to engage an aircraft travelling at Mach 1 below 5000feet, which is incidentally what SLAF Mig-27Ms were doing in late 2000 and 2001 ..

    the link to the site you have so kindly put up merely gives a technical specification of the SA-18 missiles capability.. to almost all individuals in this forum, this information is meaningless because they cannot translate this information to a real life threat scenario ..

    what I have outlined is such a scenario .. the times and ranges given are based on calculations from the performance of the SA-18 and actual field trial data :o) .. so in effect these are the time frame windows the MANPAD operator has to work within based on the performance of the missile system..

    I hope this helps.

  • 6 Sep 2006 11:09:22 GMT


    What the Tigers must do is buying the Indian-Russian Missile Brahmos and put a nuclear head in front of it and target Colombo.

    Eelam will be gained by force.

    It`s cheaper than buy millions of arms. It will be easier and cleaner.