`She says nothing, does nothing and gets blasted for nothing`

  • 27 Aug 2006 16:02:34 GMT

    Mr.Bandaranayake`s words are commendable.

    With appreciation I commend the protective stand a loving brother struggling by nursing his sister and we must ignore how the very person Blasted his own thick and skin when Mr. Anura Bandaranayake was a leading contender of the UNP. Past can be forgiven, and forgotten to a certain extent. Carving boldly the year 1985 is History.

    This is 2006. Truth of the matter is whether the same Public will venerate her as he claimed some years ago. I doubt. I say this because I was also one who look forward on her in veneration. I am not the only one. Thousands are so disappointed on her.

    Last Presidential Election I was supporting her nominated candidate Mr. Rajapakssa. With very strong supporters at Attanagalla we the people were expecting to receive at the platform Hon. Chandrika Kumaranatunga and of course Hon. Mr. Anura Bandaranayake. The Panda-ls were clearly projecting at gazing at that large crowd, beautifully portraying in Blue Smiling charming face of then President with a raised hand. Besides her the Prime Minister`s nicely place similar figure; wording, `Prime Minister becomes The President. Right besides him was fine portrait in oval shape of Mr. Bandaranayake saying the Minister becomes the Prime Minister.

    To all our disappointments these two leading figures in our political field conveniently got absent. The excuse was that the President had to leave the country. So was he loving brother following her sister attending the Saack Conference. Undoubtedly we the people (Maha Janaya) were badly disappointed by your deliberate absence when we eagerly awaiting your Presence. People Do Not Forget these. Further more Mr. Bandaranayake never came forward and supported the election of the Presidential Candidate your Party supported. Now you say your sister setting aside her own brother paved the way for Mr. Rajapakssa to wear the crown of president depriving her own brother!

    Mr. Bandaranayake let me state this. I doubt you would win the Attanagalla electorate if you contest that seat on any election. This is my prediction. Most of the time I am quite accurate in my Judgments.

    I am very pleased to hear the care-free like his sister Chandrika spends in London in the very manner she moves and commuting the public transportations with No Security at all behind her. Yet living in Sri Lanka her life would be another form of a `prison` baricadted and sarounded by Security Costing the tax-payers Millions of Ruppes. Any proper thinking person will never sacrifice this kind of Freedom that she enjoys now in London and she would Never be able to receive in her own Mother Lanka.

    Alfred F. Seneviratne.