Tigers lose big guns in air strikes on Pallai

  • 24 Aug 2006 02:38:09 GMT

    We need to send high quality scotch, in addition to the usual food rations to all those tamil civillians who are providing very valuable ground info to make targetting so precise.

    ..and the wal-kotiyas are trying to say that they represent the guys who totally resent them, hate them enough to give information about their whereabouts even to the enenmy.

    That`s what happens when you oppress innocent people while lying to the outside world. Now they`ve realized that the sinhalese are much better than the LTTE.

  • 24 Aug 2006 06:09:40 GMT

    Great job done by SL Air Force. The 53rd division did repulse the attack and held their positions. They were brave and killed many LTTE soldiers. LTTE hero Parbhakaran is hiding in Wanni jungles and sending child soldiers to the front while Prabhakaran,s children is having a luxurious life in the West. What a shame Prabha. Prbha can keep on dreaming about Eelam that will never happen in Sri Lanka. Only innocent Tamil civilians get killed by the never ending war started by Prabhakaran. What a waste of money collected by Tamils all over the world when Parbha is dead and they never achieved Eelam either.

  • 24 Aug 2006 06:13:28 GMT

    PrettyKfir...excellent stuff :) keep up the good work here


    BTW...Kfir means `lion cub` :)))

    Isn`t it ironic the `tigers` are getting whacked into smitherines with a fighter bomber called `kfir` :)))

  • 24 Aug 2006 08:25:49 GMT

    I seem to remember a `pundit` called `Dayan J` - saying at one time, the threat from big-guns available to the LTTE will mean a very serious threat to the SLA and other GOSL forces stationed in the North. Further - that they could be trapped, whether SL Military establishment has taken due notice of this danger ?

    It seems they have ..

  • 24 Aug 2006 09:09:17 GMT

    Good Morning to all the Sri Lankans

    The damage thus far to LTTE heavy artillery .. confirmed:

    From a full complement of 10 x NORINCO Type 60 122mm artillery guns, 1 confirmed destroyed with 1 other damaged.

    From a full complement of 3 x NORINCO Type 59-I 130mm artillery guns, 2 confirmed destroyed.

    The Type 59-I has an approximate range of 30km whilst the Type 60 has an approximate range of 24km

  • 24 Aug 2006 09:24:57 GMT

    Slow progress

    but little by little the Sri Lankan security forces are winning the war

    I wish it was faster than this and the LTTE is crushed faster

  • 24 Aug 2006 11:20:59 GMT

    Injured cadres of the LTTE terrorist organization who confronted with the government forces at MUHAMALAI KILALY and NAGARKOVIL are being admitted for treatment in large numbers to the hospital. Hospital authorities under pressure of LTTE leadership are forced to accommodate them forcing many civilians under residential treatment to be removed from their beds.

  • 24 Aug 2006 12:31:34 GMT

    Report reaching from north says it was army postion that attacked . and ammunition was army amunition, one of the pakistan pilot was on a mission to distroy amunition and makes srilanka to buy more from pakistan.

    some report even say LTTE pilots droped the bomb in army position.

  • 24 Aug 2006 13:07:03 GMT

    Prabarkaran will never win a war with the Sri Lankan govt. or the people. He has failed and continue to fail. Tamils have a choice. Get together with rest of your country men fight to get rid of Prabarkaran.

    Sri Lankan govt is no perfect. Every govt. has its weakness. As for me I`ll any day choose a democratic govt. over the fascit dictator Prabarkaran

  • 24 Aug 2006 14:16:23 GMT

    Good News for the sri lankan in general that the SLA is having the upper hand in the armed wrestle with the tiger rebels. For one moment my applause for the brave soldiers cannot be resisted but the torment they through by this unwinable war has more to do with my restrain to applaud a useless war, which is heading to nowhere. This president is spending more money and strength on the war where everyone is looser. He must instead spend more money and restrain for peace which will eventually prosper the country where everyone win be a winner.

    Where does this president go? Does he pursue the aspirations of the majority that gave him that post or he is only pursueing the JVP/JHU voters who made the difference between winning and loosing.

    We have seen the cost of living hitting the ceiling within 8 months of your government. This is the worst period for quite a long time that sri lankans experience.