• 12 Aug 2006 01:13:01 GMT


    dan ithin LTTE modayinta thiyanne dekata navila bola deka alla gena `me thiyenne eelama... me thiyenne uthura... menna dakuna` kiya kiya punnakku kanna thamai.

  • 12 Aug 2006 01:14:29 GMT

    We sinhalese and tamils need this !

    [It is not a time to ask questions but to go ahead and push for Peace!! ]

  • 12 Aug 2006 01:15:26 GMT


    [Ven. Anud Veera Soora Soma Thero,

    iooooooo mokada mee wennee ? koti onna trinco harbor ekata plane eken bomba daala ! dan ethin duwanna thamai thiyenee pana beeragena...koti dorakodatama avila ! anunge maw bim alagathama ohoma thamai]

    UR an expert!! That is an excellent name for AunD, Is this the same guy who Shot SWRD (that was Soma ramo thero!!)

    I did not know you speak fluent sinhala as well!!

    Can you translate in Tamil or English so that i can laugh too!! Thank u

  • 12 Aug 2006 01:18:43 GMT


    When the gosl is using Napalm bombs to burn people alive.. it would seem obvious that we`re at a stage where there is nothing to talk about. It`s basically a matter of time before eelam war 4 begins, I suggest we all brace ourselves, because unspeakable cruelty, barbaric and bloody deaths are going to be the norm for a long time to come!

  • 12 Aug 2006 01:19:28 GMT


    There will never be peace until the last LTTE mad dogs is destroyed.

    By trying to make peace with LTTE, we wasted 25 years, 65000 were killed, hundreds of thousands were maimed, the country went back 50 years, wasted billions of dollars, opportunities were lost...and we are at higher risk than in 1980...

    Are you suggesting peace talks with these LTTE mad dogs again?

    Do not insult Sri Lankans!

  • 12 Aug 2006 01:19:44 GMT


    Eppadi sugam? Where ru chatting from? i live in HK.

    My opinion is this will go on for a long time and there will be so many displaced and killed!! i do worry a lot about poor people!!

    May be you know better the ground situation..yes there is curfew in Jaffna, that means those people are stuck in their houses!! the SLA is going to take revenge if they have lost men at the Palaly camp!!

  • 12 Aug 2006 01:20:06 GMT

    Ven. Vinivida Veera Soora Soma Thero,

    Umbala sinhala oouurrooo danne naee mewa...trinco thamai ape head office eaka yako.. eka apee lagadeema...api umbala okoma elawana ethanin ekmanatama...parisamen hitapang yaho...palayang yako yana...:) :)

  • 12 Aug 2006 01:21:44 GMT

    AnuD is simply reading the post , he is out of breath !You better do some meditation, its good for your condition or take the pills.The FACT he has no place to out of this FORUM , 24 X 7

  • 12 Aug 2006 01:22:35 GMT

    Sorry for disturbing... just logged.....

    I got this news ONLY from TAMILNET.

    Is there any media, other than LTTE terrorist media, who has confirmed this?

  • 12 Aug 2006 01:22:53 GMT

    [palayang yako yana...]

    I know that!! now vivenda [Ven. Vinivida Veera Soora Soma Thero,]

    so many Buddhist monks here!!Thanks to Thivya!! lolz