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VAT scam: CID seeks deportation of ex-tax official`s wife
Sunday, 11 June 2006 - 5:45 AM SL Time

The CID which is probing the multi-billion rupee VAT scam has asked the New Zealand government to arrest and deport the wife of a former Deputy Commissioner of the Inland Revenue Department.

Detectives said they made the written request after finding evidence that Deputy Commissioner Gnanasiri Zoysa Jayatilake`s wife who lives with her family in New Zealand had deposited Rs. 10.4 million of the VAT refund money in private banks in Sri Lanka.

They said evidence indicated that Ms. Jayatilake had deposited Rs. Rs.8.8 million in the HSBC and Rs. 1.6 million in the Commercial Bank. These accounts have been frozen.

This headline-hitting scam, known to be one of the biggest in South Asia, came to light when the Auditor General discovered a staggering deficit of Rs. 3.57 billion in VAT refunds.

The first to be nabbed was Mr. Jayatilake who had come to Sri Lanka from New Zealand via Singapore. He and six other suspects ? most of them millionaire businessmen -- are now under arrest and facing trial.

However, the alleged mastermind, identified as millionaire businessman Kamil Kuthubdeen is still absconding.

Detectives say he may have left Sri Lanka on a forged passport and may be in Dubai. They have asked the United Arab Emirates officials to look out for him.

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• Asif Fuard

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11 Jun 2006 15:01:41 GMT  Report for Abuse   
Analytically poor reportage.

There are many processes the SLG could be following to apprehend a foreign resident criminal. One such is to resort to extradition - where a treaty for such purpose exists between the two nations. Generally enforceble, though time consuming yet results in delivery of the culprit to the extradition seeking nations officials.

Another is to seek an Interpol warrant, though this to large extent results in 'if'y situations, where the complying nation will wait for the wanted criminal to commit a domestic act warranting arrest, and allow the international process to follow afterwards.

Crime of this magnitude can be cause for cause for either process.
Edited By - Sandman - 11 Jun 2006 15:03:03 GMT
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11 Jun 2006 15:27:22 GMT  Report for Abuse   
Better give those suspects an ultimatum and confiscate anything & everything they posess.
This include what their posess as well.

Will the CID probe get Balapatabendi's son too arrested & deported for the sudden gain wealth he had disclosed or accumilated in Australia?

Watch dog of the GOSL Coffers -- The JVP

Hope you keep to your word & rake up anything and everything.

Restore a corrupt free & an efficent state service.
That is you mandate for now.
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