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Mother gang-raped, family massacred in Mannar
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LK Information  12 Jun 2006 05:18:57 GMT  Report for Abuse  
The Report of tyhe Human rights Watchdog, Amnesty International.

The HRC team inspected the site and found bloodstains, several spent cartridges, some identity cards and discarded clothes lying on the ground at the temple. The local residents allege that the eight young men were taken away by the army. One of the men, Rasanyagampillai Sivananthamoorthy, is the general secretary of the Temple Trustee Management Board, while Markandu Pushpakanthan is a member of the Board. After their relatives complained, the local magistrate reportedly told the police at Kodikamam, a town near Chavakachcheri, to conduct investigations into the 'disappearance' of the eight men.
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LK Information  12 Jun 2006 05:30:17 GMT  Report for Abuse  

MorafiNes quetion appears on his post 31 on this thread on page 31.
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LK Information  12 Jun 2006 05:53:59 GMT  Report for Abuse  
saleemtariq , Thanks for derecting for the right page.

Convict Rajapakse also confessed that 400 of the 700 disappreared....
by Morafines. is completly nonsonse.

How do you remember the exact number burried in a specific location while they were seperate killings?

This Rajapak story is also b***t. I wander where this Rajapak is now.

You think VP daughter's birthday party and her study in UK is a fabrication?

Then, you could also belive that there is not a CID in sri lanka.
Edited By - LankaTileke - 12 Jun 2006 05:55:33 GM
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LK Information  12 Jun 2006 07:44:33 GMT  Report for Abuse  
Please refer to the BBC website:
The former corporal, Rajapakse, was found guilty of murdering a student, her mother, brother and a neighbour in 1996 - a time when the army is accused of carrying out several abductions and killings in Jaffna.
He told the court that up to 300 bodies had been buried at Chemmani.

He is in prison awaiting many court hearings involving disappearances. He was under death threats. His prison officials snatched his papers contained details regarding the involvement of his superiors in the crimes.
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LK Information  12 Jun 2006 11:19:12 GMT  Report for Abuse  
LTTE have killed men, women, children (including babies), BUT THEY HAVE NEVER RAPED ANY SINHALA, MUSLIM OR TAMIL WOMEN. The SLA HAS RAPED BOTH TAMIL AND MUSLIM WOMEN. Racist Sinhala fanatics who claimed their army has never raped have brains made of stone(Kamani, Vinivida, AnuD, Kamalpere, LankaTileke, GalleDuke etc), YOU CAN'T REASON WITH THESE BIGOTS. They also claim that corporal Rajapaske and Chemmani was also a fabrication!!. Well listen you bigots the only ppl who believe that are Sinhala extremists! Even the IC and international media know that what happened at Chemmani was true.
Edited By - Muru - 12 Jun 2006 11:51:04 GMT
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LK Information  12 Jun 2006 13:20:04 GMT  Report for Abuse  
The whole world knows its sinhala forces done this killing.
what mahinda is doing is fueing the war. nothing else.

when 5 students killed in trincomale he said they were terrorist trying to attack security forces.

when 7 students killed in nelliady they said LTTE was carring explosive that exploded.

now this family is killed in a worse brutal way. government saying its done by tigers.

arasan anru kollum theivam ninru kollum. those army done this killings will come oneday and settle in south and they will do the same there to your sisters , mothers and nees. then you all know.
now you say well done soldiers. they will do well in your families soon.

LTTE is world most disiplined organisation. they dont even drink or smoke.
and LTTE allow men to marrywithin the organisation.
not a single person will believe even a sinhalese will not believe its done by tigers,

what justice you expect from police??
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LK Information  12 Jun 2006 18:10:37 GMT  Report for Abuse  
News Flash !

Prabhakaran confirmed that he did not rape the mother or the daughter. Prabakaran now works part time in the mortuary business, to suuplement the declining income from the fulltime kiddie-conscription and murder-for-hire businesses.

Prabakaran attributes his stress related erectile dysfunction problem for not being able to perform the rape, and blames Karuna for increasing the fear factor which makes him wet his pants quite a few times each day. This same ED syndrome among tamil males is responsible for driving intimacydepraved young tamil women into becoming suicide bombers in great numbers, says Doktor Kochchi Pukeynathan of Vavulniya.

'They are just not getting enough dick..' complains Hilen Ookapandottie of the Silly-Lanka Monitoring Morons ' is just so unfair..'.

(Gulag News - Killinochchi)
Edited By - Sandman - 12 Jun 2006 18:24:32 GMT
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LK Information  20 Jun 2006 16:58:57 GMT  Report for Abuse  
This is sooo bull sh*t the srilankan army is worst then we are and i gotta say picking on the poor and blaming the Tamils isn't going to solve anything and it will just create more problems and las I heard is that the srilankan army fled to the Indian ocean while being dismantled by the Tamil next time go to the tables for nogotiations.......i mean if this goes on there wont be a srilanka to talk about! kind of embarrassing
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LK Information  20 Jun 2006 17:36:13 GMT  Report for Abuse  
Dr scrotum is unavilable for any serious discussions!!
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LK Information  13 Apr 2010 04:09:28 GMT  Report for Abuse  
you have to write pages (which nobody reads) to confront it.

Like a fool you came here to read what I wrote, right.

Now either pretend that I ran away or reply me by mocking at your own self. It s a mind game, and I am quite skilled at handling weirdos.
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